So I agreed to sign up for a choreography / performance class with Champion, on the basis that we would not eventually perform. Missed the first class cos I was in Korea but went for the second class last night. It was a struggle, which was to be expected, cos I didn’t review the videos before going. But that’s not the point of this post.

The class format requires us to rotate partners and there was a point in time when I had to partner Old Man. That, was the most disastrous pairing of the night. I was reflecting why was that so and realised it’s cos I don’t trust him hence I would auto-pilot whenever I feel he’s late, which would then screw up the connection.

Hence, I think I need to put aside my grievances from last year and try to trust him. Hahaha.

Dance Notes – Stretch

The most pressing thing I need to sort out is to always create stretch before moving forward on ’1′. This is especially important when I’m dancing with much taller guys – need to manage my distance well. I need to NOT dance at my max arm length else there’s no more room / give to land my weight for the stretch!


Met an old classmate I haven’t seen for 10 months for lunch today. The shocker came when I asked him how come he lost so much weight & he told me that he was diagnosed with nose cancer (which spread to his lymph nodes) about 10 months ago, a day before his daughter was born. I asked him why he didn’t share about it earlier & he merely shrugged.

The cancer was between stage 2 & 3 and he underwent both radiotherapy as well as chemo for it. The treatments have been completed & he is due for a full body check soon.

The rest of the lunch went on as per normal & we chatted as though nothing that serious had happened. I’m definitely glad that he should be on the road to recovery / remission & being fit, has coped well with the treatments. I still feel a sense of sadness though, that I wasn’t there when he needed me most. I didn’t contact him in the last 10 months (we work in the same office building – good grief!) as he used to always work extremely late as an investment banker. I also knew that his wife was pregnant & thus I thought he didn’t contact cos he was too busy as a new father.

It’s just sad to think than an old friend I’ve known for 18 years had to go through such a dark period in his life.

We ended lunch with an agreement that we must lunch together once a month. I’m setting a reminder on my phone. This is a friend I truly cherish.

GCE ‘A’ Levels

So… the A-Level results will be out tomorrow. Heh. Such a distant memory.

I remember the day I was to collect my A-Level results. I was kind of apprehensive so a friend & I decided not to arrive too early at TJC. We went to catch a movie (can’t remember which movie though) & were probably amongst the last few to collect. I remember my Comp Sci teacher, who was my supervisor for my project, was searching high & low for me. Thankfully, it was good news he had to deliver. And he was excited because I don’t think he expected me to do well for Computing. Hahaha. My other results were also decent enough & given that I’m not the most hardworking student, it was really by the grace of God that everything went well.

Of course, after so many years have passed, I’m now able to see the big picture, how He guided me to NTU, specialise in Insurance and now do a job I love.

So to all who’re collecting their results, all the best and trust that everything is within God’s hand.


Was introduced to a new messaging app today called Telegram. Interface wise it looks almost identical to Whatapp but there’re 5 really cool things I like about it:

1) There’s this “secret chat” function where the msgs aren’t saved on Telegram’s server & they are encrypted.

2) There’s this “self-destruct” feature that you can set such that read msgs will be automatically deleted
after the selected length of time is over.

3) The app doesn’t restrict the size of media attachments hence it sends photos in their original file size / resolution. This is super yay! Cos I really dislike all the blurry photos due to whatapp resizing them.

4) You can mute individual chats.

5) It can work across multiple devices (I managed to sync the chats to my iPad mini.)

Quick go download the app & try! It’s free!

Downtown Line

Finally took the downtown line on Mon. Walked to Boon Tat St for lunch. Was quite breathless on the way there cos I was sick & had problems breathing. Think my boss got tired of walking slowly on the route back to office after lunch so when we passed by Telok Ayer MRT, he suggested taking the downtown line back.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened but I suppose it was good to finally try the newest MRT line. I did notice that the train was much wider than the trains on the other lines. There seemed to be fewer seats too. Probably good for packing more people into a carriage.

Impeccable Timing

Pinky has impeccable timing. He was flopped on his side, sleeping like a log while I was patting him. So I told him that I could only pat him for another 5 mins before going home.

Lo & behold! Exactly 5 mins later, Pinky sprung up, scratched his ear, & ran out to the porch for a supper treat. Incredible! And that delayed my going home. LOL.

Good Fortune

Our generation is very fortunate. Even at 22 years old, our parents will willingly sponsor our education overseas.


Some people are so blinded by their feelings that they cannot tell when they’re being henpecked or  manipulated emotionally. Sigh.

Dyeing Hair

Tried one of those DIY hair colours at home today. It turned out well, thankfully. LOL.

Ideally, l would’ve like to go to the salon to colour my hair before CNY but there weren’t any more available appointment slots left at the salon I usually patronise hence I decided to try 1 of those DIY hair colours.

Asked around on Facebook & was recommended either Liese Bubble or L’ Oreal. Went with the former as the NTUC near my place was only selling Liese.

I was attracted by the ash brown colour but chose at dark, chestnut brown instead.

The entire process was simple enough – mix the colourant into the mixer, apply foam throughout hair, wait 20-30min & voila!

So far so good. The colour turned out darker than I thought but it covered the grown out hair since my last colouring in Oct.

Only upsetting thing is that the curls on the right side of my head seem to be disappearing. :(

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