A moment of silence for Coke.

Coke passed away today. Found him cold & lifeless on the floor of his cage when i came home. Poor boy still had the runs on his tail. I’m not sure but Coke may have died of dehydration from diarrhoea ‘cos he wasn’t taking in enough water. I feel bad… i should’ve left a dish of water in his cage but i didn’t ‘cos i saw him drinking from his bottle last night.

Poor poor Coke. Pepsi’s still ok. I hope i can find another rabbit that looks just like Coke… though i may never find another one as obedient & sweet-natured. 🙁

Kg vs Kati

Left – picture of Coke on his house!
As Coke is so tiny, Clown & i were curious how much he weighed so we took his weight just now. Little Coke is a mere 115g! That’s super light. In contrast, Pepsi weighs 400g – i’m pretty sure she’s grown a little since she came.

I also realised just now that previously, when i was taking BZ & MC’s weight, i read the wrong scale. Instead of reading the one for KG, i was reading the scale for KATI. Hence, BZ & MC’s correct weight should be 1.6kg & 1 kg respectively.

This would also mean that MC was about 600g when she first came. She’s all grown up and like an adult now! Heh.

What i find so amazing is that each of the rabbits have their own personality. BZ is obedient but extremely timid and doesn’t like to be carried. MC is confident & intelligent. She always gives in to BZ, and she doesn’t bully the “soft drinks.” But when BZ tries to get it on with her, she always runs away. Cute rabbi. 🙂

Pepsi is also very intelligent but she’s more cautious towards humans. Coke is the most obedient and sweet natured. I wonder if it’s ‘cos he’s so tiny that he knows it’s pointless to retaliate when a human being wants to carry him. But he’s really so darn adorable!!

Animal Clinic

Coke, Bazhang, Pepsi & i made a trip to the vet yesterday. 2 nights ago, I noticed that Coke had diarrhoea. As diarrhoea can be life threatening to a rabbit, i decided to take him to a vet the next day (i.e. yesterday). I also noticed that Bazhang was wheezing / coughing intermittently so i decided to take him to the vet too.

As for Pepsi, i brought her along as well ‘cos she was being insufferably temperamental and her tummy seemed to bulge a little, which led Clown to think that she might be pregnant.

After examining them, the vet’s conclusion was this:

1) Coke was really ill – and was given antibiotics & charcoal+glucose to drink.
2) Pepsi is not pregnant. She’s just… heavy bottom… typical asian female…
3) BZ didn’t wheeze but was given antibiotics just in case he had a cough… but he does have a fungal infection affecting his ears & nose. The vet cleaned out his ears and prescribed antibiotics & anti-fungal medication for him.

BZ was the most traumatised at the vet’s. As he was having an infection (which affected his ears, eyes & skin), the vet was concerned that it might cause a fever so we had to take his temperature. Poor boy had a themometer stuck into his ass… u should’ve seen the look of anguish on his face. He was trembling as the vet was checking him. Poor poor fella. I feel so sorry for him.
After we all got home, i spent most of the day cleaning up their cages, sweeping the yard and so on. It was easy to administer the medicine to Coke. I just had to carry Coke with his tummy facing upwards and point the syringe towards his mouth. The little fella would grab & start chewing on the syringe.. he seemed to really enjoy the medicine.
BZ was the tough one. As he’s so big, i needed both hands to carry him… and he struggle and struggled (guess he was afraid we’ll stick something up his ass again)… in the end, i had to rope in Clown to use the syringe to feed him while i carried him. But BZ refused to eat the medicine and we had to force feed him.
This morning, i tried hard to get BZ to eat his medicine but he dead refused. I gave up after a few tries ‘cos i didn’t want to traumatise him further.

After i got back from work just now, i thought of an idea to get BZ to eat his medicine. I placed the medicine on a spoon and shoved it in his face. BZ’s instant reaction was to bite onto the spoon to “throw” it out of his sight (as he does with all foreign objects). The minute he bit the spoon, i tipped it so that the medicine would flow into his mouth. That worked… but he quickly learnt that he got tricked into eating medicine so when i tried it again with the 2nd medicine, he used his nose to push the spoon away instead of biting onto it.

This cause his nose to be dirtied by the medicine and he got annoyed and started cleaning his face. All i managed to do was to get him to lick the spoon once. Sigh. Too tough… i gave up after a whlie.

I’m going to have to feed BZ this medicine again tomorrow… not sure if he’ll fall for the spoon trick again. Really can’t think of any other ways to feed him… if anyone thinks of something, do let me know!!