Kg vs Kati

Left – picture of Coke on his house!
As Coke is so tiny, Clown & i were curious how much he weighed so we took his weight just now. Little Coke is a mere 115g! That’s super light. In contrast, Pepsi weighs 400g – i’m pretty sure she’s grown a little since she came.

I also realised just now that previously, when i was taking BZ & MC’s weight, i read the wrong scale. Instead of reading the one for KG, i was reading the scale for KATI. Hence, BZ & MC’s correct weight should be 1.6kg & 1 kg respectively.

This would also mean that MC was about 600g when she first came. She’s all grown up and like an adult now! Heh.

What i find so amazing is that each of the rabbits have their own personality. BZ is obedient but extremely timid and doesn’t like to be carried. MC is confident & intelligent. She always gives in to BZ, and she doesn’t bully the “soft drinks.” But when BZ tries to get it on with her, she always runs away. Cute rabbi. 🙂

Pepsi is also very intelligent but she’s more cautious towards humans. Coke is the most obedient and sweet natured. I wonder if it’s ‘cos he’s so tiny that he knows it’s pointless to retaliate when a human being wants to carry him. But he’s really so darn adorable!!

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