Just a quick update on the latest addition to my family. I’ve been so troubled by BZ the past few days that i didn’t have time to write about him – Coffee. That’s the latest rabbit to join our family. He’s a lionhead dwarf… about the same size as Pepsi (maybe slightly shorter) but he’s so darn timid! Pepsi’s been a big bully since he came… charges & chases him non-stop. Coffee is very traumatised by her.

We tried various means to get them to introduce themselves amicably but it didn’t work out. Noticed that Pepsi is a very individualistic rabbit. She likes to imitate Muah Chee but that’s about it. She was never chummy with Coke nor BZ… and now she’s bullying Coffee.

Sigh… i feel bad about sending her back… but now i know that it was my mistake to buy a rabbit that i wasn’t instinctively attracted to. Sorry Pepsi… i know you’re happy ‘cos u get to play in a garden but u can’t be a big bully at the playground… 🙁

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