Farewell to Bazhang

My mom woke me up at 6:50am this morning and told me that BZ passed away. I went down to see him and saw him lying down in a position he was sleeping in last night, but with his head resting on his litter pan. His body was stiff when we found him though he belly was warm. My mom and i dug a hole in our backyard next to TY and laid BZ to rest there.

I miss my BZ. He was like a big baby in his last days and would let me cradle and feed him. He was good boy… in fact he was the most obedient to commands – he understands what’s “sleep”, “drink water”, “go garden”, and “go home”. Smart huh?

It’s going to be tough training the other rabbits to be as obedient as him. Oh btw, Clown & i decided to bring Pepsi back to the petshop ‘cos she is very aggressive towards Coffee, and is quite ill-disciplined. I feel bad ‘cos i know she’s very happy at my place… but if she keeps attacking Coffee, who’s really timid, then i guess she’ll have to go. Feel guilty ‘cos i know i didn’t like her that much when i bought her… she was more of “company for Coke”.

Sigh… 3 rabbit deaths in 2 months. Bye bye Tangyuan, Coke, Bazhang….

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