The “UptownGal Red Light Camera Fund”

(I promise this is the last post b4 i go zzz).Those of u on MSN would probably have seen the above statement already. Sigh… for those who still don’t know, the LTA gave me my very own photoshoot as my car sped past a red light at the junction of Simei Road & Upp Changi East last Fri (16/12). Crap. I didn’t even know there was a red light camera at that junction till i saw the flash go off.

And the weird thing is that the camera is only on the side of the road coming from Changi/PIE (i.e. towards Bedok). After consulting the agents at the showflat, the conclusion is that i’m either going to get a 12 demerit points + $200 fine, or 6 demerit points + $400 fine. And contrary to popular sentiment, i for one prefer to get more demerit points but pay less $$. Sheesh… i really don’t want to contribute to the bonus of civil servants this year lor. Damn shitty man. Argh.

Anyway, the “UTG Red Light Camera Fund” was thus set up though most people say i should just hope that there was no film in the camera, or that it was a fake camera, etc. Well, we’ll know in a couple more days’ time….)P#*(&Y^@)


Ok. I just went to check the Traffic Police site and it says that as of 26/12/2005, there’s no outstanding traffic charge against my vehicle no…. i hope this remains this way!! :O

Christmas Presents

Got quite a few presents this Christmas… heh…

My very own bunny bedroom slippers (they’re real soft & spongy u know!), a bangle with my name on it, and a bunny Swatch watch i’ve been eyeing for a year now … all courtesy of my dearest Clown! 😛

And a lovely white gold anklet with the cutest flower charm (it was the flower that attracted me to it), courtesy of my mom. Muahahaha.

Merry Christmas with Love

Can’t believe Christmas is here & almost gone again. Shucks… that means 1 whole year has passed and i’m still pretty much where i was last year.

Last Christmas i broke up with my now ex-bf but still survived the season. Wasn’t sad for reasons already mentioned but checking back on what i wrote last year, i’m once again fondly reminded of this old “club”, the JLC that i was part of a very long time ago.

Blessedly, i wasn’t JLC this year. I don’t think my other 2 club members were either. Acorn is in Thailand with his wife on a mission trip, and i think socks had fun too.

Reading my previous blog entries, i gotta admit my blog’s getting more and more politically correct… not in the non-expletives sense but in my sharings. Guess as more people find out about my blog, especially people from work, i tend to share less generously and somehow the “raw feelings” kind of edge is gone.

But this post isn’t about that. This post is to commemorate the happy Christmas i had this year. It was a very pleasant coincidence that my backup singing duty fell on Christmas day. We had a worship practice last Tue (27/12/2005) and it was an enjoyable time. We had a short recap of various Christmas carols we used to sing in SSS (Senior Sunday School) and that brought back very nostalgic feelings. Though i’m no longer close to a lot of friends that i used to be close to in church, it was nontheless sweet to reminisce a tweeny weeny bit about how we used to spend Christmas in SSS. Just trying to recall lyrics to the familiar carols, and singing bursts of it with folks i used to be close to filled me with a sense of warmth & gladness.

Christmas day started off happily with breakfast with some of the worship team & cheerful conversation. Although i’ve not chatted with the rest of them for some time now, i’m glad i wasn’t made to feel excluded. There was no awkwardness in the air but jolly jibes and jest instead. Christmas service was a happy one and we had a really funny speaker today.

After service, i had lunch with my cousins, aunts & uncles, and then dinner with Clown’s extended family. It was good. It’s always good to see loved ones even if there was no intense conversation or deep sharing. Seeing everyone well & happy is the greatest reminder that God takes care of all of us.

Still got a little cold and i really shouldn’t be up at this hour… but i can’t bear to sleep ‘cos it’s been 1 of the more wonderful Christmases i’ve had… but i better go zzzz soon…. gotta wake up for lunch with my cellgroup. I’m really looking forward to that…. (but Dr. Heah – i still prefer ham to turkey!) ;D