Smoking Kills

Just found out that 1 of my ex-colleagues’ husband is suffering from end-stage lung cancer. He’s only 38 and yes, he is a smoker. The cancer has spread to his lymph nodes & stomach. We’re all very sad for my ex-colleague ‘cos they’ve only been married for 2 years and their daughter just turned 1 last year. This ex-colleague of mine is also in high risk of losing her job ‘cos the management has already blacklisted her for underperforming. If that happens, i really don’t know how she’s going to cope with the costs of raising a kid & all the medical bills – she’s not in very good health herself.The thing about smoking is that i’ve realised that the smoker must want to quit badly enough to actually succeed. Lots of smokers have short spells of success in quitting but the no. who pick it up again is just too high. There’s so many things out there to help people to quit – treated bubblegum, nicotine patches, etc… but some people just plain refuse to quit. Then there are those who say they’re trying… and it seems like they’ve been trying for an eternity.

There’s this website done by a friend of mine to help people to quit smoking. The URL is If you know anyone who smokes, perhaps this site can help.