Goodnight babies

Just went to check on the babies. They’re sleeping in a small box in the guest room on the 2nd floor. We decided not to keep them outside ‘cos the change in temperature may be too drastic for them and since it was obvious that Horlicks wouldn’t be able to feed them successfully, we chose to keep them inside & increase their chances of survival, even though Horlicks may miss her babies.

The 2 darlings are definitely hungry now… they’re like sucking as they sleep… oh well, some websites say that mommy rabbits feed twice a day – during dawn & just before dusk… while some other websites say that mommy rabbits feed once during the day, usually during the night. I guess it could be both? I’m not sure. Was wondering if i should wake Horlicks up to feed the babies… but that would be cruel too? Poor gal fed 002 till she ran out of milk just now!

I’m going to sleep now… gotta wake up early in the morning to feed them before i go to work. Need to set aside 1.5 hrs every morning to coax Horlicks into feeding them. My main worry is that once their teeth grow sharper, it may get too painful when they nibble on Horlicks’ teats and she may not allow them to feed anymore… but will have to cross that bridge when we get to it i guess!

Goodnight everyone! I love my babies.

“Eat dead cat”

There’s this Cantonese saying, “吃死猫” and it basically means to take the blame for someone else. Well, I wronged Coffee. No wonder he refused to play with me the past week.Just now, before Vivi left, I asked her to help me clarify Muah Chee’s gender and guess what we discovered? MC’s a guy!! I can’t look at MC straight in the eye now ‘cos all along i thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’! *Sob*

Then it occurred to me… the reason why 001 & 002 have really long ears is not ‘cos they “take after their mom” but ‘cos both their parents are lop-ear rabbits! (MC’s a Mini Lop & Horlicks is a Holland Lop).

This is how i reasoned it out:
MC has always humped Horlicks since she first came. Coffee started humping Peanut 1 month ago and only stopped in the past 2 weeks. He then switched his focus to Horlicks and tried to mate with her… but Horlicks always ran away. At first, i thought he somehow succeeded in mating with Horlicks… but given that Horlicks gave birth about the same time as Peanut, she must have gotten pregnant about 1 week later only!

Hence the most probable father is MC! And u know what? MC tried to silence me after i discovered “she’s” a male!

When i scooped “her” up just now for Vivi to check her gender, MC didn’t resist at all. But after Vivi announced that MC’s a male, fwah lau… MC struggled & kicked. In fact, MC kicked so hard that his hind leg went straight for my stomach. It felt like someone gave me a punch! And when i took a bath just now? I saw 2 scratch marks on my tummy! It’s a miracle that my blouse didn’t tear! Tsk tsk!

That sneaky fella…


My dad went to the pet shop at Simei today to look for pine shavings. He wanted to line the nesting box with pine shavings to prevent the babies from rolling about so much ‘cos he suspects the thin baby was suffocated to death when it rolled under the nesting wool last night.

At the pet shop, he met this young gal called “Vivi” who breeds rabbits. She was really sweet and offered to come to my place to show us how we could get the babies to suckle from Horlicks. So i picked her up after work and came home.

We tried a few ways. First i carried Horlicks on her back and Vivi placed the baby on her chest… but Horlicks protested violent so we had to abort this method. Next, we tried to get Horlicks to sniff her babies & then place them in a tray in front of her…. Horlicks sniffed them then ran off. Plan B – failure. The 3rd attempt finally work. Horlicks ran around the garden till she got tired & laid down to rest against a wall. Vivi located Horlicks’ nipples & place the baby against it while i coaxed Horlicks to continue lying down with biscuit treats.

Wow… u should’ve seen the baby’s reaction when it was placed near the mother’s body. It sprung awake & rushed to try to suck the nipple. Some natural instinct kind of thing i suppose. Using this method, we managed to feed the smaller pinker rabbit (henceforth known as Baby002 – temporarily named according to birth order) till poor Horlicks ran out of milk.

Then we had to rest her a bit before feeding Baby001 (aka the miracle baby from this morning) a little. Horlicks was v.cooperative too. Vivi let her sniff 001 & Horlicks flipped onto her side, as though she really knew what we were trying to do. So we quickly placed 001 at her nipple & thankfully 001 managed to drink some milk too. But i think 001 was too hungry & it sucked too hard (i could hear the sound) and might have bit Horlicks too so Horlicks couldn’t tahan that long. Prob. about 2 mins and Horlicks stood up again.

Nevertheless, i’m glad we found a way to feed the babies. Nothing beats a mother’s milk. (Did u know that a baby mother’s milk is super high in calories? And that newborn baby needs no more than 5cc a day!) The dilemma i have now is how do i know when they’re full enough? (Overfeeding also can die… feed too little also can die…). Sigh… haven’t figured that one out yet.

Anyway, here are some photos of Baby001 & 002. 🙂

The one on top, the pinker one is Baby002. The greyish baby is 002, the miracle baby.

Same… 002’s the one on top. 🙂

001’s on the right.

May God bless these babies! (Really scared they’ll shrink & dehydrate overnight like Peanut’s babies.)