Happy 3rd Day

The babies are now 3 days old. Aiyah… just realised ishould’ve weighed them at birth then i’ll know whether they grew or not! Hmm…. maybe i should weigh them tomorrow.

A little worried for 001 aka Fatty ‘cos it’s not fat anymore. It’s thinner than Pinky (002) even! But for their dinner juz now, i let Fatty feed 3x whereas Pinky fed only twice. Fatty as usual, peed straight after its dinner… maybe that’s why it always seems thinner? Another possible reason could be that Fatty is now half a head longer than Pinky. Perhaps all the milk went to its height.Clown says that i shouldn’t call Fatty, “Fatty” anymore. We played around with a few names last night – Latte, Milo, Kua Chee (melon seeds)…. but it’s difficult to settle on one since we’re not completely sure what colour the babies will turn out. I believe Pinky will turn out like Horlicks – white with brown sports and Fatty already looks like MC – a mixture of brown & grey fur.

For now, i think i’ll call Pinky “Latte”, and Fatty shall be called “Mocha”.

Photos take on day 2 – Mocha’s on the left & Latte’s on the right.

Photo taken today (day 3).