My name is Pinky. Watch me sleep!

I’m so tired now. Checked on Pinky at 6:48am this morning and that little bunny crawled between the layers of the t-shirt. Gave me a shock ‘cos i was afraid she would suffocate. I quickly took the bunny out… she was warm but sleeping well. After patting her to sleep on top of the t-shirt, i decided to place a hankerchief over her so she could use that as a security blanket. Maybe if Pinky turns out to be a “he”, i should name it Linus! (like the Linus in Snoppy).

Anyway, after feeding her this morning, i did a short photoshoot of Pinky. Plus a video. But i can’t load the video here so u’ll just have to make do with photos. Heh.

Tired after drinking mommy’s milk. Getting ready for bed.

Easing into bed…

Curled up bunny style!

Pinky likes to sleep on my palm too! I love the shot on the left. It was totally candid. Pinky just happened to stretch out when the camera snapped! 🙂

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