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Tim & Tam

I’m still using Tim Tam as my MSN pic. I miss them even though they lived for only a short 3 days. I feel sad yet happy when their image appears in my mind. I think nature is such a paradox sometimes… like how a mother rabbit knows how to pull her fur to make […]

Tim & Tam passed away

Woke up this morning and saw that Tammy was dead. Timmy (i decided to name them in the order they were born. I’m pretty sure the one with the smaller head, i.e. Tammy was the one born 2nd ‘cos this baby was born the smallest of all 4 but it was the most active when […]

Peanut gave birth

Peanut gave birth to 4 babies on 11 Jan 2006, at about 8pm. The first 2 babies were rolling all over the cage when they were born… but the 3rd & 4th babies died soon after / at birth.The first sign that Peanut was going to give birth was when she suddenly started pulling out […]

Smoking Kills

Just found out that 1 of my ex-colleagues’ husband is suffering from end-stage lung cancer. He’s only 38 and yes, he is a smoker. The cancer has spread to his lymph nodes & stomach. We’re all very sad for my ex-colleague ‘cos they’ve only been married for 2 years and their daughter just turned 1 […]

The Jury is Out

Boohoohoo! I checked the traffic police site last night and i got fined $200 + 12 demerit points for “FAILING TO CONFORM TO RED LIGHT SIGNAL UNDER SEC 120(1)(B) RTA CAP 276(LV).”Waaah!!! What a waste of a good $200! This is for all drivers out there… the red light camera facing the junction of Simei […]

Attempted Blogicide

I’ve just been posed with a serious dilemma. I’ve never been someone to mince my words, nor retract my stand. I’ve always dared to stand up for what i’ve said or done before. But the problem now is that what if things that i believe in don’t just affect me? I don’t give a damn […]

It’s tough being a guy…

Hehe… this is a continuation of my “wasted 2 hrs” post. Clown came over at 2:30am last nite. I said he didn’t need to come over since it was already so late but he was already on the way. It was sweet of him. Came over to accompany me while i watched Detective Investigation Files […]

2 hrs, 120min, 7200sec

Damn it. Just wasted 2 hours of my life. After church, i decided to come home ‘cos Clown said he was going to play mahjong with his family. So i came home, watched tv, and took a nap. We agreed to have dinner together and i suggested having sushi at first… but i got a […]

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