Tim & Tam

I’m still using Tim Tam as my MSN pic. I miss them even though they lived for only a short 3 days. I feel sad yet happy when their image appears in my mind. I think nature is such a paradox sometimes… like how a mother rabbit knows how to pull her fur to make a nest but yet she can not know how to feed her babies properly. And how babies will fight for their lives no matter how difficult the odds are.

I surfed the Internet extensively for more information on nursing baby rabbits & compiled a list of websites that had the most useful information. Sent the links to my dad to read too and he summarised the things we have to do when Horlicks gives birth (i’m really assuming she’s pregnant here).

We’re quite prepared now…. my dad bought nesting wool to line the floor of the box and we’ll use the wooden house that the rabbits used to lie in as shelter for the babies. I’m going to buy alfafa hay tomorrow to place on top of the nesting wool and my dad has also created a smaller litter tray for Horlicks so that the house/nesting box can fit in the cage together with the litter tray.

Coffee is living alone in BZ’s old cage now. He looks quite lonely at times but no choice lah… gotta put him in solitary confinement till he becomes a eunuch. Peanut & MC are in the bigger cage and they’ve been living quite harmoniously together. Horlicks is in a cage by herself so that she & her babies will have their personal space when they come along. We estimate the babies to come around the end of this month.

Now i just gotta think of names for the new babies… 🙂

Tim & Tam passed away

Woke up this morning and saw that Tammy was dead. Timmy (i decided to name them in the order they were born. I’m pretty sure the one with the smaller head, i.e. Tammy was the one born 2nd ‘cos this baby was born the smallest of all 4 but it was the most active when born.) was struggling for its life. They both looked even skinnier than last night! I don’t know how come they could lose so much mass in 8 hours.

I took Timmy up & warmed it in my hands. My dad prepared some glucose water for it to drink. It’s breathing was hard & laboured but it managed to lick 3 drops of water. It did seem to get a little better but it still died shortly after.We buried Tim & Tam in the front garden next to Cokie. I took a photo of them together before i buried them. Just to remember the babies by.

My dad & i suspect that Horlicks might be pregnant too ‘cos she’s been digging a lot lately & she has suddenly grown to be fatter than Muah Chee. I use MC as a benchmark now. Rabbits that dig + grow bigger than MC = pregnant. I’m kind of hoping that Horlicks is really pregnant ‘cos it would be really cool to have babies born & brought up in my house. But i’m still going ahead to sterilise Coffee ‘cos the survival rate of newborn babies are very low. (I’ve already booked a date for Coffee to be sterilised – 1/2/2006).

I was lamenting that it’s a pity Much Chee wasn’t the one who was pregnant ‘cos she’s the most caring of all the rabbits. My dad says that MC is also more matured so the babies may have a higher chance of survival. Oh well, if Horlicks does give birth, at least we’ll be better prepared now. Also, Horlicks likes to be touched by humans… like a little puppy…. so we prob. can give her more help in feeding her babies. I’m going to pet & carry Horlicks more often now…. at least make sure she’s really really used to people carrying her. So should she have babies, can help carry her in a standing position & put the babies to her body to suckle.

Please still pray that Peanut will get over her loss ok? I don’t know how she’ll react to the babies being gone.

Peanut gave birth

Peanut gave birth to 4 babies on 11 Jan 2006, at about 8pm. The first 2 babies were rolling all over the cage when they were born… but the 3rd & 4th babies died soon after / at birth.The first sign that Peanut was going to give birth was when she suddenly started pulling out a lot of her fur to line the cage… and before long… out popped the babies. We put Baby One & Two in a shallow carton box to prevent them from rolling out of the cage. The babies look a little like tiny piglets – dark pink, furless & blind. In fact, i couldn’t even see their ears!

First time any of my rabbits gave birth so i quickly went on the Internet & got some info on what to do. Interesting thing abt mother rabbits – they don’t lie together with their children, instead preferring to watch from a safe distance. The reason is because being prey animals, they’re afraid that their scent may attract predators & so in order to keep their babies safe, they usually watch them from a distance. Mother rabbits feed their babies twice a day, usually during dawn & just before dusk.

This is the tricky part… how does one tell if the mother rabbit has fed the babies? What if being a 1st time mother, she doesn’t know what to do? Or what if the blind babies are unable to find her teats to suckle?!?

According to the American House Rabbit Society site, it says that a baby that has been fed will have a distended stomach. Babies who are left hungry will wrinkle (a sign of dehydration). The important thing is to leave the mother alone to feed the baby ‘cos if she senses “predators” around, she’ll not want to go near her babies. Also, a mother may not feed her baby till 24 hrs after they’re born.

So we decided to observe Peanut & her babies. Up till last night, i really couldn’t tell whether she fed them or not… though they seemed the same size as when they were born. But just now, when i got home from work about 3pm+, the babies looked quite wrinkled!! Which made me very very worried. I tried to use a syringe to give them some milk formula (bought from the pet shop) but they were so sleepy that they refused to drink.

I know the babies will wake up abt 6pm+ but i told my dad not to disturb them… i mean what if Peanut does feed them but ‘cos we’re around then she holds back right?? But my dad JUST WENT TO CHECK ON THEM!! (It’s 5:59pm now).

He says that the babies are awake & rolling about… and i told him to quickly move away ‘cos i’m sure no matter how quiet u are, the mother rabbit will still be able to sense a human being near her cage.

Anyway, i really hope Peanut knows how to feed them. I took half day off today to come home to spend a bit of time with them… they’re really cute even when sleeping. Sigh… it’s kinda sad but their survival is out of my hands… and i can only cherish whatever time i have with them.

Smoking Kills

Just found out that 1 of my ex-colleagues’ husband is suffering from end-stage lung cancer. He’s only 38 and yes, he is a smoker. The cancer has spread to his lymph nodes & stomach. We’re all very sad for my ex-colleague ‘cos they’ve only been married for 2 years and their daughter just turned 1 last year. This ex-colleague of mine is also in high risk of losing her job ‘cos the management has already blacklisted her for underperforming. If that happens, i really don’t know how she’s going to cope with the costs of raising a kid & all the medical bills – she’s not in very good health herself.The thing about smoking is that i’ve realised that the smoker must want to quit badly enough to actually succeed. Lots of smokers have short spells of success in quitting but the no. who pick it up again is just too high. There’s so many things out there to help people to quit – treated bubblegum, nicotine patches, etc… but some people just plain refuse to quit. Then there are those who say they’re trying… and it seems like they’ve been trying for an eternity.

There’s this website done by a friend of mine to help people to quit smoking. The URL is www.smokeraid.com. If you know anyone who smokes, perhaps this site can help.

The Jury is Out

Boohoohoo! I checked the traffic police site last night and i got fined $200 + 12 demerit points for “FAILING TO CONFORM TO RED LIGHT SIGNAL UNDER SEC 120(1)(B) RTA CAP 276(LV).”Waaah!!! What a waste of a good $200! This is for all drivers out there… the red light camera facing the junction of Simei Road & Upper Changi East (direction heading towards Bedok) is REAL!


Attempted Blogicide

I’ve just been posed with a serious dilemma. I’ve never been someone to mince my words, nor retract my stand. I’ve always dared to stand up for what i’ve said or done before. But the problem now is that what if things that i believe in don’t just affect me? I don’t give a damn if i lose my job or cause tons of people to hate me ‘cos of something i’ve posted on my blog. I will gladly stand by what i wrote. The problem now is, i’m worried about things i write affecting people that i love. Hence i strongly considered killing off my blog. If i have to censor my thoughts & opinions, then i would rather not have a blog ‘cos i don’t believe in doing things without meaning.My previous blog has been too exposed… some of my colleagues know of it & i guess the more people know about it, the higher the chance of my opinions bringing negative consequences on the people i cherish. Hence i decided to keep a lower profile & only let my closer friends know about this new URL. Should by some freak chance others come to find out about my blog, then i’ll accept that it was meant to be.

It’s tough being a guy…

Hehe… this is a continuation of my “wasted 2 hrs” post. Clown came over at 2:30am last nite. I said he didn’t need to come over since it was already so late but he was already on the way. It was sweet of him. Came over to accompany me while i watched Detective Investigation Files II. Heh… i was selfish… didn’t really entertain him much ‘cos i really wanted to make up my lost 2 hrs & continue to “chase” the serial. But Clown didn’t mind… and we spent the rest of 2 Jan together. Which was fun… i don’t remember ever spending a whole day together without either 1 of us having to go for a viewing or meet a client… not even on our off days (it’s hard to have a collaborated off day).

So the end conclusion is, for 2 hrs of boredom, i got 22 hrs of company… heh… i know my bf’s a sweetie!

2 hrs, 120min, 7200sec

Damn it. Just wasted 2 hours of my life. After church, i decided to come home ‘cos Clown said he was going to play mahjong with his family. So i came home, watched tv, and took a nap. We agreed to have dinner together and i suggested having sushi at first… but i got a call from Clown about 8:45pm to say that they were ordering KFC delivery & California Pizza ‘cos they were still playing mahjong (started at 2pm). He asked if i wanted to go over and so i did. After buying my own dinner over, eating it in front of the tv (‘cos they were still at it), i thot they would probably be done in a couple more rounds. But NO! I waited till 12:25am and they were STILL PLAYING THE BLOODY MAHJONG. By then i was damn pissed… cldn’t watch TV in the hall ‘cos his cousins were smoking and i hate the odour… and i had already spent 1.5hrs in his room, by myself, trying to chat with friends on the Internet to keep myself occupied.

What a way to start 2006 eh? My didi said his jie was the sort that needed to have an activity packed day… which really isn’t true… my reply to him was that i don’t mind idling… but it must be purposeful idling!! Not doing nothing while waiting for someone to finish playing mahjong!!! I really regretted not taking my DIF II VCDs along with me. If i did, at least i would have had something to occupy myself with and maybe not get so pissed.

But i can’t technically be angry with Clown ‘cos i asked for it right? I was the one who agreed to go over to his place knowing full well they were playing mahjong. Yeah. Can’t blame him for not even being able to take 5min of a break to say a little more than hi to me right? See? This is a classic example of ASKING FOR IT.

OK. So i’m really damn pissed now. Yes. What a way to start the new year. With absolute boredom & frustration.