Do u think it’s possible to two-time a person and not get found out?

I remember some years ago, i was going out with this guy, Mr. Ego. We were introduced by a then colleague of mine who thought we might be compatible. We had some similar interests – salsa, music, singing, so i thought why not just date & see if it’ll lead to anything?

After going out for about 3 weeks, i started to notice a change in his behaviour. After some analysis, i suspected that he was seeing someone else. Of course i confronted him about it and good for him, he was brave enough to admit that this gal that he used to like (but rejected him before) came back & wanted to try again (yeah, after she heard that we were going out).

As we weren’t attached or anything, i told him that sure, i could give him some time to sort out who he wants to be with. Eh…. big mistake. The lesson i learnt was that if a person can have the best of both worlds, he would never make a choice to give up either one.

So i did. Gave him a deadline to choose & when he didn’t, it was sayonara. Not that i wasn’t sad or hurt… but it was a lot easier to move on ‘cos i hadn’t put in that much emotional commitment yet.

Recently, i’ve been following this blog closely – The female protagonist was a 3rd party that came between the relationship of this guy and his gf, who also works with him it seems. I was quite amazed at how the gf did not suspect that this underground affair was going on for slightly over a year!! They even went to Australia for a holiday together and the gf didn’t realise!

But things turned sour after some time & so the female protagonist decided to expose the affair. Of ‘cos all hell broke loose… and if u want to know the details, go check out the blog yourself. Heh.

Then even more recently, i came across another blog with a heroine in a similar situation. This gal was also a 3rd party in a r/ship only that she wasn’t aware of it. How the whole scam got exposed was damn drama man. The heroine posted some comments about stuff she wanted to get for the guy on this website… and the comments were chanced upon by GF no. 1! GF1 managed to trace the heroine’s blog & that’s when everything came to light.

What impressed me the most when i read this heroine’s blog was the way she handled the whole situation. She focused on picking up herself & moving on, and she didn’t bitch or harass GF1 in any way. She only put the blame on the guy… and herself (for being so naive). Which i thought was right and matured of her. (Click on if u want to find out more.)

This is in total contrast to the first fatal attraction mentioned above…. in that case, both the female protagonist & the gf are harassing each other… it’s like bitch fest galore! Why don’t they just dump that jerk of a two-timing bf right?

Sigh… human behaviour never cease to puzzle me.

Rebellious Teenager

Pinky has turned into a rebellious teenager. It started a few days ago when she would close her eyes tight & pretend to be asleep whenever she was scolded. Then today, naughty Pinky refused to let anyone carry her. Everytime i picked her up, she would struggle & kicked – giving me a few scratches on my hands. When i placed her lying on her back on my lap, she sprung up & hopped away in less than 5mins. I eventually managed to get her to sit on my lap for 2mins or so but she sat there very unwillingly & hopped away as soon as she could.

Looks like i’m going to have to carry Pinky more often, put her on my lap more often (and run the risk of being peed on), till she learns that i’m her master and she has to be obedient & polite! (I lectured her for not greeting me & not coming when called. Such a difference from her parents. Horlicks always runs to greet anyone who goes into the backyard and both Horlicks & Muah Chee respond when called.)

Sigh… cutie Pinky has become a spoilt brat!

Pinky has migrated

Pinky has migrated. My dad decided that she was big enough to stay outdoors so she was shifted to her own cage in the backyard this morning.

At first Pinky wasn’t used to being locked up and kept biting on the door of the cage, or standing on her hind legs pleading to be let out. We had to lock her up when i went to work ‘cos my parents went out as well. But i think she got to run about in the backyard most of the day when my parents were home.

Horlicks takes good care of Pinky too and she goes over to lick Pinky once in a while. I hope Pinky adapts well to life outdoors. I told Pinky that she has to learn to sleep alone and that she really must stop peeing in her water tray ‘cos there’s no one to change the water for her if she dirties it overnight. (She doesn’t know how to drink from the bottle yet.) Anyway, here are some pics of Pinky & Horlicks. Real cute!

C.H.I.J. Opera Estate

Clown & i went to a very special place just now. I was from C.H.I.J Opera Estate Primary School… from Primary 1 to Primary 5, then my school merged with the then Katong Convent Primary School to become C.H.I.J Katong Primary School.

My old school (we used to refer to it as OE – short for Opera Estate) is now a Red Cross Campsite. It’s located at the top of this hilly area in Opera Estate. I think the road name is Jln Khairrudin. Clown & i drove up to the school just now and seeing that the gate was opened, we drove in & stopped at the driveway.

I didn’t really dare to get out of the car ‘cos we were sort of like trespassing but it was nice to see my old school again. I’ve always wanted to go back ‘cos i really really love that building. (I have a very soft spot for old old buildings). The garden was pretty much the same except that the roundabout was removed to create more road & parking space in front of the building.

The most amazing thing was that the fish tank that stood outside what used to be the school office was still there! And it was lighted up so i’m pretty sure there were still fish inside! I can still remember how the classrooms, music rooms, canteen, the field & even the toilets look like but i didn’t dare go into the building to see how much of it remains the same.

I like my primary school a lot. I’ve had this dream a couple of times – that i went back to the school and there were a lot of ghosts of past students haunting it. They didn’t mean any harm but they would all float about & i would see classrooms full of ghosts, all attending classes… as in i would see the classrooms full of students but i knew they were ghosts? It was strange.

But i was happy to be back. I’ve always told myself that i must go back some day but in the 16 years since i left the school, i never had the opportunity. (The school is located such that it was quite difficult to access unless u drove.) I wonder if the building is under conservation ‘cos it’s really old and sometimes it might not make much economical sense to keep it? But i’m glad the Red Cross kept it in pretty much the original state it was in. The external colours are more or less the same beige & brown as when i was studying there. The windows are still using shutter windows (and they still break darn often). If you’re taking the MRT from Bedok to Kembangan, u’ll see this Red Cross building atop a hill – that’s my school. 🙂

There used to be a lot of stories about the school being haunted and sometimes when i was alone in school, i would be a little afraid to go up to the upper floors by myself. But i’ve never seen anything spooky there. Anyway, i figured that given how much i like & appreciate the school, any ghost haunting it should respect me for that.

There used to be a picture of a ballerina in the music room that was said to be haunted. Rumour was that if u stared at the picture long enough, u’ll see the hands of the ballerina move. It was also said that some teachers tried to burn the painting before but it kept returning to its place in the music room. Well, my class helped throw out the picture when we shifted to the new school and i don’t think there was any hauntings.

If i have the opportunity, i’ll return to the school again during daytime & snap a few pictures. I love my old primary school!

Accidental Fierceness

Went to the airport for dessert after cellgroup on Wednesday. While queuing up near the entrance of the toilet, a middle-aged woman in her 40s & an elderly woman in (probably) her 60s walked in, and walked right past me. I stared at the 2 women and wondered if i should just let them cut my queue… had it just been the elderly woman, i probably would have closed an eye… but i was quite annoyed with the middle-aged lady!Just then, the cubicle door in front of the middle-aged woman opened & she was about to walk in when i blurted out in Chinese, “Wah! No need to queue up uh?”. The hostility in my voice surprised even myself.

The middle-aged woman looked at me in surprise & turned to look at the elderly woman. The elderly woman told her to go ahead. That puzzled me a bit but I ignored their exchange & made my way towards the opened door. The middle-aged woman then said to me, “I was here first”.

Instinctively, i turned to her and replied, “I was queuing up over there (gestured towards the door) when you came in.” Again, my tone was curt & harsh. I could also feel my eyes widening in aggression & glaring at the woman.

She took a step in retreat & apologized hastily. Wow. I must’ve looked really fierce. It’s not everyday that one successfully cower aunties into submission. Hehe. Didn’t mean to & certainly didn’t feel that much malice towards her but i didn’t apologize. I mean since i’ve chosen to assert my right, no point being apologetic about it right?

Thinking about the incident now reminds me once again that i sometimes lack nuances in my tone & expressions… which has always been my problem in leading a team of people. I either become too soft, or too harsh when enforcing rules & guidelines. Just like what i wrote about being too blunt & blatant in expressing my displeasure about people on my blog, words often escape my mouth (or keyboard) before i have time to soften them.

It is really not easy to exert your right gently. The easy way out would be to give it up (but that may not be the right way either) or bulldoze people over. It is easier to achieve a balance at work ‘cos one can just maintain a distant “professional” stance but among friends? That’s the toughest part. Sometimes i force myself to suppress my unhappiness & feelings of betrayal. “For the greater good” i tell myself. But that is a lie too ‘cos ultimately, the unhappiness will gnaw away at the friendship & once too much time has lapsed, that friendship is also gone.

Have you lost any friends this way?

Pinky then & now

Pinky & Fatty when they were 1 day old.

Not difficult to guess why Pinky was named thus huh?

A little bit more fur, a little less pink.

Pinky learning to crawl.

She used to sleep up to 2 hrs in my hand!

Pinky & me – hanging out together.

Pinky after a towel down.

Clown carrying Pinky.

Pinky on a leash.

Sleeping on my lap.

Pinky & her lop-sided ears.

Adventurous Pinky!

Are u looking at me?


Pinky has really grown up. She eats damn a lot too… too much i think… but i can’t stop my dad from feeding her so much. He keeps topping up her hay & pellets once they’re finished. It’s like 24hr buffet for Pinky. (I just removed the plate of pellets from her bungalow. Heh.)

My dad said that Pinky didn’t want to drink milk tonight… which is a first. Apparently Horlicks licked Pinky & stood still as usual for Pinky to crawl under her to drink milk but Pinky kept running away. Sigh. Maybe it’s Pinky’s way of saying, “i’m not a baby anymore!”.

Soon it’ll be time to shift Pinky outdoors with her mommy. I feel so sad ‘cos that means i won’t be able to pop down in the middle of the night just to take a quick peek or to play with Pinky (too troublesome to have to disable the house alarm & unlock all the doors to go outside to play for 5mins kind of thing). I patted Pinky & told her that she’ll have to shift house soon… downgrade from her good class bungalow to a cage outdoors.

Pinky’s still very adorable… and she still sleeps on her back, on my lap. Her ears are funny though… heh. She sports a “side-parting”…. her right ear flops down by the side of her face, but her left ear is like combed over to the right side. Hard to describe… take a look at the pictures to get a better idea ya?

Sigh… guess Pinky’s my favourite bunny ‘cos i took care of her since birth. I’m like her nanny cum maid cum chauffeur. Horlicks is my next favourite ‘cos Horlicks is very personable & likes to hang around humans. Muah Chee, Coffee & Peanut are cute too… but my dad spends more time with them so they’re closer to my dad. Coffee & Peanut especially… they don’t really let me pat them unless they’re already lying down to rest. I still think MC looks like a big stuffed toy ‘cos he has really chubby cheeks – like a chipmunk! Heh. I think Pinky will grow up to be a real goodlooking rabbit. As it is, her fur coat has a nicer shade of brown than Horlicks… and of she inherits some of MC’s features, she’ll look darn cute!

🙂 P for Pinky! Pretty pretty Pinky!

Handphone addict!

Argh… this is terrible. I’m a bad bad handphone addict. When i was a poor student, i restricted myself to changing handphones once a year so that i could recontract and enjoy the offer prices for signing my life away. After i started work, this once a year trend soon accelerated to once every 6 months… and now, changing handphones has become a quarterly trend. (Maybe i got subconsciously influenced by how most tenancy contracts require tenants to service the aircon on a quarterly basis? Hmm…) Last year was when i changed phones the most number of times. From the Nokia 6230 to 6260 to 6230i to Sony Ericsson’s Z520i, i bought them all! (Ok, the last one was bought by Clown). Even the guy at the handphone shop in Eastpoint recognizes me. He probably can see the word “sucker” etched across my forehead whenever i step into the shop.

Once again, i’m at a major crossroads in my life. Ever since i found out that 3G video calls cost the same as a normal voice call, i’ve been itching for a 3G phone. Thankfully, most of the 3G phones on the market the past year were bulky & just not very appealing… well, except for maybe Sony’s k600i but that didn’t come with expandable memory.

But the itch was still there and u know the thing about itches… ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. U just gotta scratch! And since my Singtel line is eligible for a recontract now, i’ve been doing research on which handphone to get next.

According to the 3GSM World Congress held recently, the best 3G phone is Motorola’s Razr V3x was voted the best 3G phone. But the thing about Motorola is that the user menu is just not as user friendly as Nokia or SE. Certainly, the Razr V3 range of phones look cool, and are slim & stylish to boot. But no point getting a phone that i can’t get used to right?

So i explored my once favourite brand, Nokia. Nokia has 2 new 3G phones hitting the stores here soon (i suspect this weekend) – the 6280 & N80. The N80 is really really cool ‘cos it has a 3 megapixels camera (that’s almost the same as my digicam!!). But have u seen the size of that thing? It’s so bulky & heavy that if i got into an accident with a road bully, i could take a real clear picture of the accident scene, plus clobber the road bully with it in self-defence.

Then there’s the 6280. It looks slim enough. But i’m not quite sold on slide phones… i mean i did have one before – the 8810 (the “fingerprint” phone) which looked really great ‘cos of the shiny finishing. But the 6280 looked a little “toy-like”… and a little manly too. Should i pay good money for something i may not like that much?

My search for the 3G phone soon took me to the Sony Ericsson website. Wow. I was bowled over by their upcoming k610i. This k610i is an improved version of the current k600i (which i.m.o looks really good too). The main difference is that the k610i has expandable memory, and a 2megalpixel camera. This is gonna be one slim, sleek, stylish & ultracool phone. But there’s 2 things i don’t like about SE phones in general – first, the name search process can be rather tedious. Second, i still prefer the way Nokia’s messaging system works.

Sigh… decisions decisions decisions. Initially, i thought of getting the Nokia 6280 for myself, and the SE k610i for Clown when it comes out. Hey, no point getting a 3G phone if there’s no one to share the 3G video call fun right? (As far as i know, only Azure uses a 3G phone, of which she has never used the video call function….)

So should i get the 6280 now now?? If u notice the latest “scam” started by Motorola – they released the V3 in silver & black, then in gold & pink, and now blue… which means u’re stuck with the same colour unless u buy a new phone. It appears that Nokia is going that direction too? ‘Cos the 6111 first came out in black & silver… and now there’s frosted pink… whatever happened to Nokia’s innovative Xpress-on covers?? That was 1 thing i loved Nokia for! 🙁 The 6280 is going to be launched in silver & black… but those are such boring colours! (Sheesh, they’re not even considered “colours” in art). I want something unique… something feminine…. baby blue, pastel pink, lilac…

How now brown bunny? To 3G or not to 3G?

Is hypocrisy a sin?

I was a big time hypocrite today. This morning at the showflat, the Sales Manager of the developer asked me for a hard copy of the factsheet i prepared, as she wanted to show our joint marketing agents (aka our competitors) all the info i prepared & summarised into a single sheet for easy reading.Although reluctant, i told myself that i should take pride in my work and since the factsheet was emblazoned with my company’s logo on the top, i should be proud to show it to the joint marketing agents. They requested for half a dozen copies which i duly obliged (although i was still feeling a little reluctant). The crunch came when the Sales Manager asked me to send the soft copy to the joint marketing agents. In my mind i thought, fine, i can always email them a .pdf format but the Sales Manager’s intention was for me to send them a Word document so that they could remove my company’s logo & use it!

Now that was just too much. All my hard work and i am supposed to freely offer it to my competitors?!? I was thinking of a way to reject them… but thankfully, the joint marketing agents said that they only needed the half dozen hard copies & they didn’t mind my company’s logo being there. They said that it was only right since i did all the work so i should be given some credit for it. Sigh… what nice uncles they are (my competitors consist mainly of 2 old men in their 60s.)

I know it all seems very petty but we are competing for sales after all. It’s bad enough that the uncles were going to use my factsheet to train their newly recruited agents, who obviously would be competing against my sales team. Am i supposed to teach them how to compete against my agents??

Anyway, i don’t have to send them the soft copy so i thought everything was resolved. I didn’t need to voice any objections either so that was good. Peace was maintained…. but i’m not sure if anyone saw the displeasure & unwillingness on my face. I was trying very hard not to let my emotions be displayed on my face… don’t think i succeeded that well.

Then in the afternoon, 1 of the new recruits of the joint marketing agents got an offer for a unit!! The offer was a little low, at 14.4% discount, compared to the offers of 10-13% discount that my side has been putting up so far. At first, 1 of my agents had 2 offers too… but both offers burst! So i was really really sore when i heard about their offer. I was smiling and nodding when everyone was congratulating that new agent but i couldn’t bring myself to congratulate her. That would have been way too hypocritical.

Sigh… was thinking about this hypocrisy issue when i was in the shower just now. Is hypocrisy a sin? I’ve always associated sin with things like murder, adultery, going against God’s will… then where does hypocrisy stand? I guess it must be since we are supposed to treat everyone kindly & genuinely from our hearts. Don’t ask me why but hypocrisy as a sin was just a little difficult for me to grasp.

So i did a google search about it & found this article that makes a lot of sense. It’s extracted from something Josh McDowell wrote and of ‘cos, hypocrisy IS a sin. Sigh… i’ve got a lot of soul searching to do. How does one balance between maintaining a harmonious relationship between competitors & clients, and remaining true to myself? I wouldn’t feel half as bad as i did if i could just say out what i feel (i do feel that my company is always getting the shorter end of the stick ‘cos the my competitor’s boss is a good friend of the developer’s boss).

Anyhow, i think i need to strongly remind myself once again that in whatever i do, or think, or say, i need to run it by God first. Seek the fairest path, and be brave to stick to it.

Not shiok yet!

I know i should be sleeping ‘cos i need to wake up in 4 hours to feed Pinky but don’t feel like sleeping leh. Not that i’m not tired… i am! But whenever i get real busy with work, i like to stay up real late otherwise i’ll feel like i’m being shortchanged by my work! Just need that “stay up until shiok” feeling.

So how did everyone spend their V-day? I didn’t have any special plans… actually, V-day just isn’t a big deal to me. Clown asked me repeatedly if i was sure i didn’t want any presents for V-day… i said no. Firstly, there’s nothing in particular i want now (heh, the new Nokia 6280 & SE k610i that i’ve been eyeing are not out yet). Secondly, i find V-day rather meaningless – i don’t understand the background nor the culture nor the tradition behind it. To me, it’s just another excuse for shops & florists to ring in the ca$h.

Thinking back, i don’t think i’ve ever truly celebrated V-day. Let’s see… the cheesy-est date i was ever invited to was to Smooth Operator’s buddy’s gf’s birthday party (her birthday falls on 14 Feb). And by some quirk twist of fate, i don’t remember ever celebrating V-day with any of my ex-bfs either! BM2000 and i were together for 2 six-month periods… but they were both from Jun – Dec… so no V-day there. Hmm… with DT, i remember having to sit for a very very tough economics test after school. Gosh! I don’t think i’ve even received any V-day presents before! Let’s see… the closest i ever got to receiving a gift would probably be when socks went Swatch shopping with his army buddy but didn’t buy anything in the end? Wahahahaha. Ok… i did get a rose from someone in TPJC long time ago but i ripped that rose up while chatting with my classmates in the canteen. Heh.

Sigh… sounds so deprived… but i am tickled. Clown said that his mom was rather surprised that he didn’t get anything for me. Er, i didn’t get anything for him either. We just went for dinner and then came back to my place to watch “The Conqueror’s Story” (u should really catch this show. It’s Chinese history packaged in the most entertaining way)… i was hoping to catch a couple of episodes but unfortunately i konked out 3/4 way through the 1st episode! Heh… utter failure.

At the end of the day, i guess it just doesn’t make sense to “celebrate your love” for someone on a day designated by God knows who (shopping centres?). I’m happy enough that my current relationship has broken the “6-month curse” and that i’ve found someone who whips up yummy dishes (and he actually does it instead of making empty promises to do it), cares for all my bunnies (except poor Patience), and entertains a gf that animates her soft toys.