Bunnies update

Muah Chee’s feeling a lot better today. He hopped around the garden, did a little chasing of Coffee which i thought could be detrimental for his wound… but oh well, whatever makes the brave boy happy! He also ate more veggie today and he still rested more than usual. Looks like the wound’s healing well. 🙂
Pinky was very tired in the evening just now. Brought her down for dinner and when i took her out of her box, she just sat on the ground. She got excited when brought near to Horlicks but after that, sleepy again. She usually hops away when i take her out of the box… or she’ll scratch diligently at the t-shirt i place her on. But not just now. She just sat on the t-shirt looking exhausted.

Pinkys sleeping really soundly in the “gym” room on the same level as my bedroom now. (Had to shift her up from the guest bedroom on the 2nd floor ‘cos my dad sprayed insecticide there).

Anyway, i took some pictures of Pinky in her deep sleep. Here they are!

Full, satisfied, and sleepy.

“They made me take a ‘bath’!”

Sleepy time…


Muah Chee still doesn’t want to eat, drink, nor sleep. He looks like he’s in so much pain but there’s nothing i can do to help the poor boy. I think i’ll call the vet tomorrow morning to see if i can get any painkillers for him. Poor poor boy.