Pinky’s parentage

Horlick’s the mother but who’s the father…?

There’s still a bit of speculation over Pinky’s parentage. I’m convinced it’s Muah Chee ‘cos Fatty was exactly the same colour as MC so i’m sure MC’s the daddy.

However, as Pinky’s ears are currently standing, my dad thinks it’s Coffee. Clown’s torn in between i think… hahaha.

Whatever the case, we’ll know as Pinky gets a little older ‘cos i believe the ears will drop as they grow longer. As it is, Pinky’s ears are relatively long for her size, even if they’re still standing!

I know my blog’s all about Pinky now but it’s always easier to type about happy stuff. There should be 2 more gripe posts coming soon… once i find the time to articulate my annoyance!

Pinky’s says, “bye bye & goodnight!”