Good Class Bungalow

I’ve been busy busy busy since CNY. Didn’t have an off day till yesterday and boy was i getting all my days mixed up and forgetting details about stuff i had to keep tabs on! Anyway, i did manage to take a couple of photos of Pinky this week and of ‘cos i’m gonna share it with you. Hehe. Pinky’s ears are starting to droop now… not fully but they’re definitely going to droop all the way soon. She really takes after Horlicks. My dad built a “Good Class Bungalow” for her today and whenever i sit down in her property, she’ll run and walk about my lap & legs. And if i squat down, she sometimes runs behind me and stands up against my body. Just like Horlicks! Haha… really like mother like kid!

Hope you had a better week than me…. enjoy the photos. 🙂

Pinky in deep sleep after her breakfast.

“Make me wear t-shirt… simi @$)^#!”

“Hmph! I can’t take this insult!”

Horrid humans!

Morning nap time again…

Pinky’s Good Class Bungalow

“Told u i was a lop already!”

Time to rest folks!