Managed to see Dr. Peter Ng successfully just now. I asked him whether his clinic had a policy whereby registration closed 30-45min before closing time. He said there was no such thing. I told him that i was at the clinic at 4:45pm this afternoon but was turned away ‘cos the nurse said that the registration was closed. Dr. Ng said that he went out for a short while this afternoon but he instructed the nurses that he would be back. In fact, he was back at 4:30pm. (Talk about suay!)I told him that the last time i visited the clinic, i was turned away at 8:15pm even though the closing time was 9pm and he was shocked. Dr. Ng said to give him a call if this happens in future and he’ll look into it.

Sigh. I knew it. Those evil auntie nurses think they can “1 hand cover sky” (一手遮天). Hmph! I don’t like all these evil aunties. Don’t understand why Singapore seems to be flooded with them. From my old work place to the clinic nurses… *$(&!@#$%^