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Not shiok yet!

I know i should be sleeping ‘cos i need to wake up in 4 hours to feed Pinky but don’t feel like sleeping leh. Not that i’m not tired… i am! But whenever i get real busy with work, i like to stay up real late otherwise i’ll feel like i’m being shortchanged by my […]

My apologies

I was scanning through my old blog entries looking for this person’s blog’s url… couldn’t find it but saw a couple of comments that were posted quite some time back! Aiyoh, so paiseh. Sorry i didn’t see the comments earlier… not that it’s a big deal to anyone but i didn’t realise that i forgot […]

Big Brother is Watching

Have u ever wondered who is reading your blog, if anyone at all? Given the vast expanse of cyberspace, i’ve always wondered if anyone other than my few colleagues & friends know of the existence of this blog. How do people find their way here? Do i pop up on Google (i do!)? Where do […]

Pinky has grown up

After not taking photos of Pinky the past 5 days, i went totally trigger happy just now. Took lots of shots of Pinky, and some of mommy Horlicks too. It’ll be too huge to post all the pictures here so i’ll just post those i like. My mom says Pinky is truly a “lop”… as […]

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