Turn Left Turn Right

Changed the song on my blog to the themesong for the movie, “Turn Left Turn Right”. Very 2003 i know. Heh… but it’s a nice song (title is 遇见) and i really like the piano accompaniment. It’s also the ringing tone u hear if u call my hp for the month of Mar… (yes yes, i’ve had more than 1 comments that the song is so outdated… but at least 2 people said they liked it ok!). Anyway, thought of putting this song here for… er, no special reason. @%&#* i juz like the song can or not?

Went downstairs to check on Pinky… er, she didn’t sneeze the 2 minutes i was crouching outside her cage. Ok. I take that as a good sign. Anyway, i’m starting to sneeze now!! Gotta go sleep. Goodnight!

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