The Smartest Stupidest Thing

Since i’m on the topic of phones… i thought i might as well share the most brillantly stupid thing about the Nokia 6280. I am very happy about the phone – it’s relatively light, has a fantastic big screen that’s sharp in resolution, has a good camera, speedy menus, etc, etc… and guess what? It comes with voice-dial prefixed!

Voice dial prefixed? Yeap… all you need to do is to key in a contact’s name, e.g. “Pinky”, and the phone automatically generates a voice dial for it…

The catch is… if you want to use the voice dial, u’re going to need to speak like a man, and have a strong American accent.

And no…. this voice dial cannot be changed… *Rolls eyes*. (The more i think about this the more annoyed i am ‘cos i use the voice dial function of hps regularly when driving… and now the bloody phone can’t recognize my voice at all! Freak!) Grr….

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  1. you know, i’m not that good. I could never even use the speed dial on my cell. i did figure out the MP3 player on the cell. had to get the important stuff, ya know!!!

    keep in touch!!!

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