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Snitching on Imbecilic Cretins

I’ve had to deal with a couple of blooming idiots lately and they really make my blood boil. I hate it when people make me repeat myself. Once, twice i still can tahan… but if it stretches to a whole blinking 15mins at 8plus in the morning when i’m trying to brush my teeth & […]

1st song on my blog!

I’ve always wanted to put music on my blog (since the time i was posting lyrics of songs i like on this blog) but 1) doesn’t come with this option, 2) I couldn’t remember my ftp password to upload the music file onto my singnet webpage, 3) I couldn’t find any free webhosting services. […]


Took quite a lot of photos of Pinky last week but was too lazy to upload them till today… Clothes maketh a man… And shoes maketh a bunny? Pinky doing some liondance moves… Yeap, u can hire her for the next rabbit CNY Pinky sleeping on my lap (so rare!) Horlicks got jealous & gave […]

Been sick for over a week now… started with a slight cough last last Thur… then after going to salsa last last Fri, my throat got worse & developed into a sore throat last last weekend. But i was doing backup singing for church so there was no rest for my voice… and after a […]

Mr. Right

Some time ago, i had this conversation with a friend about relationships and finding the right guy. I can’t really recall how our conversation led to this but i think my friend wanted to introduce me to a client of hers and i said something about how it’s difficult to find someone to meet my […]

Happy 7 weeks old!

Pinky turned 7 weeks old on Mon – 6 Mar 2006. A good friend had the Monday blues and asked why i haven’t been posting updates of Pinky recently… well, i did take some pictures a few days ago but didn’t have the time / energy to post them. Had a not too good throat […]

See u again in 6 months

I made it to salsa after all. Hehe. Arrived at Union Square at 12am and the first greeting i got was, “Wah! What wind blows u here?” As long as it isn’t broken wind, does it matter? Hehe… okok. I love u peeps too. I’m glad u remember my name & welcomed me. It was […]

Doing OT

I get very stressed whenever i respond to the “pring!” sound of my sms alert, open my handphone to see that it was my Big Big Boss who sent me an sms. The first sms was 2 weekends ago when he found out that i made rings for sale and wanted to see my samples. […]

Made arrangements to meet an old friend to go salsa together tonight. Unfortunately, she has a company function to attend tonight so she probably won’t be able to make it. Sigh… i’m in two minds about it now. Should i go? I want to go ‘cos i haven’t been to salsa for i think 4 […]

From CSE to Accountancy…

I met an old friend from NTU for lunch today. Mr. Softball was my “subcommer” (NTU lingo for a member of my subcommittee) in NTU. Being one of the more responsible subcommers, poor Mr. Softball got tasked to do more stuff than the rest by me. Hehe… but i was fair… and i do remember […]

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