Site Maintenance

Did some simple reno. works for the blog. Added things like my favourite posts, blogs (will add more once i get permission from more owners of blogs i like), and links to the sidebar on the left, as well as changed the music.

But if u click on the link of the specific post in the sidebar (e.g. Turf Wars / The 1st Battle), the song relevant to that post should still play.

Anyway, this latest song is called 疯了(Feng Le) by 蔡立章 (Cai Li Zhang). Li Zhang’s like my all-time favourite local singer. I’m totally totally impressed by his vocal capabilities (he sounds better live than in the mp3!). He has composed some songs for overseas artistes too. Very talented guy! You can catch him on the rare occasion that he sings at The Ark aka 木船. Check out their website at!

Oh and lastly, i joined Google’s Adsense (did u know that Google is like taking over the world? We have Google Earth, Google Search, Gmail, Gbuy – ok cut the jokes on that one, Picasa… they’re all by google!) Well, i figured, since i can’t beat them, join them! So support the ads by clicking on them ya? 😛

At peace again…

Got a call from a sweet-voiced Singtel staff yesterday. She was polite, clear, and thoroughly professional. Didn’t catch her name ‘cos she woke me up from my late afternoon nap. Anyway, once she identified that she was from Singtel, i woke up enough to register that Singtel had acceded to my request – my mobile line will be converted to a corporate account, and the Data3 Lite plan that i fought so hard for will follow me to this new account. 

The nice lady also made it clear that:
1) The free 12 months will not be starting from scratch, but will continue from its current period.
2) This does not set a precedent for future cases (ok, she said it in much nicer terms).

Anyhow, this is what i consider a proper helpdesk personnel! She sounded pleasant, had a friendly tone, was clear in the information she had to convey, and addressed almost all the issues i had raised in my email to Bernard Ho. Real pity i didn’t catch her name ‘cos she deserves to be praised.

She ended the conversation by saying that i just needed to fill in my personal particulars on the conversion form, and PS Tan would fill in the rest for me. (Darn! They didn’t challenge me to produce proof that he offered to fill in the form previously. Shucks… maybe they’ve wised up by now and realised that i only bombard people when i have evidence to back up my claims.)

Whatever the case, i faxed whatever i could fill up on the form over to PS Tan today… forgot to drop him an email to check if he received the form. Guess i’ll do it tomorrow… if i remember… heh.

Big Bully

dear followers of Pinky,

my nanny is a big bully. just now, she insisted on carrying me. hey, i’m not a baby anymore ok! i’m not even a teenager! i’m a handsome young man now so it’s not good to be seen carried around so often. i mean, sometimes when she does it under the cover of the dark at night, i don’t really mind u know? but in broad daylight? hey! i got my pride ok.

after i struggled free, my nanny scolded me. she even jabbed my head & told me that i was being ‘difficult’. who says i’m being difficult? even my mommy agrees that we shouldn’t put ourselves at the mercy of humans – to be carried as and when they fancy.

do u know that my mommy NEVER allows herself to be carried? that’s what i call pride. so i’m very angry now. my nanny carried me not once but twice! after she put me down, i went to my mommy’s house. didn’t want to see her face. angry. tried to squeeze myself between the food tray but realised that i’m too big now. then i tried to hide behind the toilet.. but that was tied too tightly to the walls & i couldn’t get enough room to squeeze in. so i still had to face that big bully of a nanny. i’m not talking to her till she apologizes to me… and pats me 1000 times.

till we meet again, enjoy the photos of me… the ever goodlooking Prince Pinky.

lotsa love,

the handsome


a day in the life of Pinky

26/4/06… it was a hot afternoon. mommy and i were taking our afternoon nap when the paparazzi started snapping away.

Used to all these lousy photographers, i continued to sleep.

but the flash eventually got to me so i moved to another part of my garden to sleep.

it started pouring all of a sudden! and mommy & i were forced to take shelter under the stool…

then my personal chef came & gave us our lunch of carrots.

it was still pouring after lunch. sian ah. so i just stoned in the toilet…

Sarcasm… i like!

Got a reply from Bernard Ho of Singtel. Heh… he “suan-ed” me in his reply (see bits in blue) but it was very well written and i admire him for that. Heh… so no worries… i won’t shoot him down for this. My reply to his email is attached below.

From: Bernard Ho Tjin Charn

Cc: Tan Poh Soon
Date: Apr 25, 2006 12:25 PM
Subject: RE: Conversion from Consumer to Corporate Plan


I’m glad we were able to resolve the phone offer issue for you. Thank you also for this feedback and for the opportunity for us to clarify.

My colleague rightly pointed out that we are a large organisation. We also have a very large customer base with many varying needs. Sometimes, we may have customers with unique needs that may involve more resources at our end to meet so a little more time is needed.

I will connect the parties involved with the follow up with you so far and we should be in touch with you shortly. In the meantime, I seek your kind understanding and patience.

Please call or email me if you have any other concerns.

Thanks and best regards,

Bernard Ho

Snr Corporate Communications Mgr

Mobile: 9782 3393


To: Bernard Ho Tjin Charn

Cc: Tan Poh Soon

Date: Apr 26, 2006 4:20 AM

Subject: Re: Conversion from Consumer to Corporate Plan

Dear Bernard,

I appreciate your prompt response and the choice of words in your email truly impresses.

Actually I am sure Singtel will be able to resolve all these internal politicking issues within itself. Just that, from a customer’s point of view, there are a lot of things that an external party would not want to know, and should not know.

Thank you for sorting this out once again. I hope we can reach an amicable resolution.


And so we continue…

My latest email salvo to Singtel…

Date: Apr 24, 2006 11:39 PM
Subject: Conversion from Consumer to Corporate Plan

Dear Bernard,

Just in case you do not remember my case, I have attached one of my earlier email correspondence with Singtel below. I am glad to say that Ms. Halimah and I finally managed to resolve the misrepresentation issue and I was given Data3 Lite subscription free for 12 months.

Back in Feb this year and prior to the above brouhaha, your colleague Mr. Tan Poh Soon from Corporate Business Group mentioned in an email to me that I could either recontract at any Hello! shop, or recontract based on this promotion list he gave to me. He also stated that once I had decided on the phone I wanted, Singtel would complete the forms on my company’s behalf.

Hence, after sorting out all the outstanding issues with Ms. Halimah, I decided it was time for me to convert to corporate plan. I emailed Mr. Tan today and he promptly sent the conversion form to me. As I was not clear on how to fill in certain fields of the form, I gave a call to Mr. Tan this afternoon. (Oh by the way, I have included Mr. Tan in this email because he says he does not know you so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to introduce the two of you.)

Anyway, Mr. Tan informed me that in order for Singtel to proceed with the conversion, I must fill up the form, or get a letter of authorisation from my company stating that they allow me to transfer my current plan to corporate rates, and the bring the letter down to Singtel. Mr. Tan then added that “if I wanted to do it the easy way, I must fill up the form myself”. Although I clearly recalled Mr. Tan mentioning earlier that Singtel could fill up the form for me, I did not want to make things difficult for him and hence I agreed to fill up the form myself.

I told Mr. Tan that I had some misrepresentation issues with Singtel, but we managed to sort it out, with Singtel offering me the Data3 Lite plan free for 12 months. Mr. Tan then said that any free VAS offered by the consumer side would not be carried over to the corporate side because the “cost was absorbed by consumer side and corporate side will not absorb the cost”.

I then tried to explain that the only reason why I recontracted at the Wywy shop first was because even the guy at the Wywy shop agreed that it was easier to recontract first, then convert to corporate plan.

Mr. Tan then told me that the guy at the shop said that because “Wywy shop is Singtel’s preferred partner. But they work for the consumer side and wouldn’t get anything from the corporate side. That’s why Wywy shop asked you to recontract with them before converting to corporate plan.”

I reiterated that the 12 months free Data3 Lite I got was not some freebie offered by Singtel, but it was a form of service recovery / compensation from Singtel. I also asked Mr. Tan if he could check with your goodself on this issue. That was when Mr. Tan told me that, “There are thousands of people in Singtel” and hence he does not know you, and thus he was not able to check with you.

Mr. Tan then asked me how much I was paying for my current plan. I said I was not sure but it was the highest value of the incoming calls free plan. Mr. Tan then enlightened me that my plan was called the iTwo Plus. He also asked me how much I was currently paying for my plan. I said I didn’t know and asked if he could help me check. Mr. Tan said that he did not have the info and he only knows that for corporate rates, the iTwo Plus would be $70.40.

Although I found it extremely strange that Mr. Tan could not check his own company’s website for the info, I did not question him on this but checked the Singtel website myself. I then informed him that my plan cost $81.38.

In any case, as a customer, I really am not concerned about the internal politics within Singtel. To me, Singtel is a service provider on the whole and since Singtel has already agreed to offer me the Data3 Lite free for 12 months, why should I be penalised because of “cost absorption” politics between departments?

I hope you can assist on the above matter, or at least help me understand why different arms of Singtel seem to be at wars with each other, and the customer is always at the losing end.
Thank you.


Episode II – The First Battle








The journey to the battlefield was a long and torturous one. The bunnies faced harsh weather, rough terrain & flash floods. But the brave bunnies soldiered on. They encouraged & constantly reminded one other that they must always hold up their morale.









Using the 88 secret kungfu steps taught to them, the bunnies conquered all obstacles in their way. They climbed over mountains, leapt across lakes, and used flying fox techniques to get to the battleground.











When they finally reached the battlefield, the bunnies gathered all their strength to attack. What a fierce battle they fought! The bunnies had no fear for their enemies. Big and small, they attacked them all. They only had 1 thought in mind – “kill, kill, kill!”









Using various war stratagems, the bunnies trapped their enemies & it wasn’t before long that the bunnies won their first battle. But even with this victory in hand, the bunnies knew they could not afford to let up their pursuit.









United, the bunnies continued to chase their now fallen enemies because they knew that although the first battle was won, the war was far from over…










To see the original post with music, click here.

Singtel does it again!

Sometimes i wonder what the heck is wrong with a corporation as big as Singtel. About a month ago, i spoke to the Biz Solutions Director of my company and we agreed that i should migrate my personal mobile plan to a corporate plan so that my subscription fee will be lower. As my co. pays for my phone bill, i wanted to do this so that there can be some savings for the company.

This was just before i bought the 6280 phone and i wasn’t sure which step i should take first – convert to corporate plan first, or recontract + buy the new phone first.

In the end, i chose to recontract + get a new phone first because the procedures to recontract under corporate plan is very troublesome & even the guy at the WyWy shop that i bought the phone from said i should recontract first.

Then the big brouhaha happened, and Singtel succeeded in totally pissing me off by their misrepresentation and just when i resolved everything with them, a Mr. Tan Poh Soon from their Corporate Business Group tells me that all benefits i enjoy now will be cancelled because “whatever Consumer side promised is on their cost, not Business’ dept”. What the FCUK is wrong with these people man?? This Mr. Tan Poh Soon couldn’t even tell me how much my current plan is when all it takes is for him to click on HIS company’s website to check and I HAD TO DO IT MYSELF while on the phone with him.

And when i tried to explain that i already went through a very long process of sorting out the misrep. that Singtel made and that Mr. Bernard Ho from Corporate Comm. is also aware of this, Mr. PS Tan’s exact words to me were, “There are so many thousands of people in Singtel. I won’t be able to find out…”. What sort of freaking bad attitude is that? I haven’t even raised my voice or use a harsher tone on him yet because i’m in office!

Argh! Now i’m really really pissed again… i’m so NOT going to let this stupid PS Tan get away with this man. Argh. Idiots!! (Just look at his name & u know he’s a piece of crap. PS Tan…)

Car Bumper Stickers

Cirrus was talking about funny bumper stickers to put on his new car… so i googled and found a few funny ones:

  • On the journey of life, I chose the psycho path.
  • On your mark, get set, go away!
  • If you believe in telepathy, think about honking.
  • If You’re Not A Hemorrhoid, Get Off My Ass. (This is tailor made for life insurance underwriters lor!!)
  • Horn broken. Look out for finger.
  • Watch out for the idiot behind me.
  • I drive the speed limit. If you don’t like it, call a cop!
  • Are you following Jesus this close?

Cirrus thought of a few funny ones too…

  • If you can read this, you’re 1 inch closer to my new bumper.
  • Try to believe, bumper is old.
  • Learn to spell A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T by coming closer.

And i came up with these…

  • If you can read this, my new bumper thanks you.
  • I’ll see you at the next traffic light.
  • Got money to buy car, no money to buy signal?
  • Try to believe, bumper needs changing. (Er, edited from Cirrus’ version. Hehe).
  • My insurance won’t pay for my new bumper. Yours will.

Stupid drivers

Got really pissed off by this stupid driver on the road just now. I was on my way home from Toa Payoh when this idiotic driver decided to tail-gate me. Sheesh, the stupid driver didn’t even switch on his headlights, choosing to drive with only his fog lights on. As the fog lights were near the bottom of the car, and given how close he was following my car, it was probably some time before i noticed the dark blue car behind me.

Checking my speedometer, i saw that i was going at 100km/h. As the speed limit on the PIE was 90km/h, there was no way i was going to speed up and break the law just because this moron was smelling my ass. If he likes to breathe in the farts of my exhaust, he was welcomed to do so.

I mean, someone explain the logic to me – how does tail-gating the car in front of you make your vehicle travel faster? What? Trying to bully me into breaking the law for you? So smart, fly over my car lah!

The max speed limit in Singapore is only 90km/h, with a “grace” of perhaps 10km/h over the limit. So as long as the person in the extreme right lane is going between 90-100km/h, that’s not road hogging ok! If you choose to exceed the speed limit, then you should jolly well do so at your own risk, and you can also jolly well overtake my car. Don’t expect me to give way to you because I AM DRIVING IN ACCORDANCE WITH SINGAPORE’S SPEED LIMIT!

So what if there were no other cars in front of me? Does it mean that the “first” car in the lane is always expected to break the law? And if there was another car in front of me, then the onus to break the law is on the car in front? No logic right? If that’s the case, then what’s the point of having speed limits on the road?

And what’s with all these stupid idiots who can afford to buy cars, but cannot afford to buy headlights & signal lights? Or did headlights & signal lights suddenly become optional accessories that you need to top up money to get when you buy a car? I always feel like shouting to these stupid drivers, “Got money to buy car, not enough money to buy signal uh?”

I simply hate this sort of “bullying” mentality some drivers have. If your wife is in labour and you’re rushing to the hospital, then polite ask for the car in front to give way to you lah! As long as a car DOESN’T tail-gate me, and he/she signals right, i will always move off to the centre lane and let him/her pass. My point is, bullying does NOT work.

I was so annoyed by the car just now that i braked hard, let the car almost kiss my car’s ass, and then i sped up again. That scared the moron behind me for a while… but not for long. 10min later, the ass was tail-gating me again. Lucky for him, i reached my exit and changed lanes. But what REALLY pissed me off was when i saw that the car wound down its front passenger window, and this bloody stupid young gal had the audacity to stare at me. Stare simi stare? That car had the honour of being the 2nd person i’ve showed the middle finger to in my 5+ years of driving. Too bad it was dark and i don’t think the stupid ah lian saw it.

Grr… i reiterate, hell hath no fury like UptownGal tail-gated / misrepresented to…. etc.

(And that’s also why i don’t drive with any bumper stickers that say, Jesus loves u. :P)

Loose Ends

Oh dear, have been really really busy all of a sudden. Started with the launch of the new condo in the west, training on how to be a pitbull, and then the turf war at the condo in the east.

Got a couple of loose ends that i better tie up on my blog. Tana from Singtel called to say that as a 3G user, i indeed get more mileage on the Data3 lite plan than a usual 2G user. Total retraction of what she said the previous night, though she didn’t admit it. Lucky for her, i was too busy in office when she called, to pursue her mistake. Maybe she was sleepy when i called the first time ‘cos i think my call was like 2am+ in the morning.

Likewise, Halimah from Singtel confirmed the above and so i’m satisfied. Haven’t seen my GPRS usage details yet… but i hope everything turns out all right. It’s tiring being a helpdesk assassin u know! 😛 (Tho’ i just received an “assignment” to deal with another helpdesk… hehe)

Pinky went through another growth spurt recently! He’s a strapping young lad now. Has the fur of his mother, and the features of his dad. He still wants attention sometimes… and will insist that his mom licks him. But he’s a really sweet natured bunny who doesn’t mind being carried & cuddled (and i mean really cuddle… like my cheek on his head cuddle).

A stranger who read my blog told me that i complain & whine a lot on my blog. A lot meh? I think a lot of my posts are quite funny leh… and i have all these cheery pics of Pinky! Chey! Dunno the person got read properly or not…. 😛

Like mother like son

Ever the manja king

What’s on the other side?

That’s MY food!

U jump i jump!

Stealing a midnight snack from mommy