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Turf Wars

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a happy colony of rabbits. As there was peace for many suns and moons, the bunnies were lulled into the mistakened belief that their green flourishing lawn was safe from all enemy attack and they soon became complacement. One day, they received a […]

Singtel Saga

A few people have asked me what’s the outcome of my battle with Singtel. Well, we have reached a ceasefire. Halimah from Singtel wrote back to say that they are agreeable to offering me 24 months free caller-id but they are unable to offer me free caller-id + free Data3 lite surf. So i did […]

Family Therapy

What better way to cheer oneself up than to see pictures of Pinky? 🙂 Muah Chee chiding Pinky as counsellor Peanut looks on. Horlicks to MC, “now don’t be so harsh on your son.” Pinky, “please daddy! play with me!” Muah Chee, “no, you naughty boy. spare the rod, spoil the kid!” Horlicks, “Your father […]


Was up really early this morning to send off a friend at the airport. Got to know this friend through salsa, back in 2002. It wasn’t a big boohoo kind of goodbye at the airport but i was quite close to tears. In the end, we all kept up our smiles & waved enthusiastically through […]

Grown ups are boring!

My computer died last night. Ok, not my computer but my IBM harddisk. Cirrus came over and managed to set up Windows on my Maxtor hdd. Unfortunately, when the IBM hdd went down, it also took down my entire collection of mp3s with it.Sob sob… the last time i backed up my mp3s were in […]


I am in a foul mood tonight. It started when i deleted by mistake, a video of Horlicks forcing Pinky to drink milk by shoving Pinky under her. I had forgotten to upload the video to my pc and in order to free up the measly 64Mb memory card that came with my hp, i […]

Pinky, rabbit extraordinaire

Took quite a few photos of Pinky the past week (yes, with my new beloved Nokia 6280) and here they are: Pinky’s a big baby. Drinking milk early in the morning. Actually, Horlicks was the one who insisted that he had his milk lah. I have a video of her shoving Pinky under her… hehe. […]

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