Stupid No Cure

A tenant threatened legal action against me today. What happened was this. His lease ended on 7 May 2006 and when the developer took over the apartment, they found that there was standing lamp missing as per the inventory list signed last year. The tenant, Puerile Downs then said that there never was a standing lamp in the apartment and that i, as the developer’s agent had said that i would change the inventory list for him.

So the developer rang me to ask me about this. I told them that i handed over the apartment to Puerile Downs a year ago and after having closed nearly 30 rentals and doing the handover for all of them, i really cannot remember what transpired that day. However, usually when i find something wrong in the inventory list provided by the developer, i would amend the mistake & have both the tenant and myself countersign the amendments. Moreover, if i really said that i was going to have a new inventory list done up for him, why didn’t he chase me for it in the last 12 months?!?

After hearing my side of the story, i believe the developer told him that they were going to deduct the cost of the standing lamp from his security deposit with them and so Puerile Downs called me today. I repeated what i said to the developer to him and he got very mad. I told him that i’m not saying that he stole the lamp, but it is a fact that i cannot remember what happened 1 year ago!! His tone started to get more aggressive and i got a little fed up so i asked him – if i said i was going to give him an inventory list, why didn’t he ask me for it since it’s been 12 months since we handed the unit to him??? He claimed that he called me before to remind me but i have totally no recollection of that. I told him that i looked through all the correspondence i saved and nothing inside mentioned about changing of an inventory list.

Puerile Downs got really mad and so he threatened legal action against me. I told him to go ahead. Duh! I’ve seen him a couple of times around Triumphant and i’ve even spoken to him a few times over late payment of rental, and not ONCE did he mention about this changing of inventory list. In fact, the developer and him communicated several times because of his late rental payment, as well as the replacement of a defective window pane in his apartment… and even with all this happening, he didn’t mention about this inventory list?!? U gotta be kidding me right?

Anyway, before i could get more details from Puerile Downs, he hung up the phone. So i thought, fine – if u want to be rude, go ahead. I can’t be bothered. Hey… we sold the penthouse today and i’m mighty pleased with this milestone!

5 minutes later, Puerile Downs called me again. This time, he let loose a tirade of insults. He said that he was “disgusted” with the “whole lot of you”, that he’s “lost all respect”, that we’re a bunch of “good for nothings”, and that he’s “paid money for nothing because no work was done”. This time, i got cheesed off so i said, “Fine, if that’s what you think. Thanks for your call, bye!” and i hung up the phone.

Eh hello, Mr. I-am-so-upper-crust angmoh, i didn’t earn a cent from you ok? If your agent was lousy, which i know she was since she dumped you the minute the deal was closed, that’s none of my problem. Besides, even if it was really MY fault, and i SOMEHOW forgot to give u a new inventory list, and u didn’t complain about it in the past 12 months u were shaking your ass in the apartment, then who’s the idiot here? As far as i are concerned, my ass is covered because it’s down in black & white that you signed for a standing lamp lor!! I can only say one thing…

Stupid No Cure.

The moral of the Story…

A few people have actually asked me what’s the moral of the story and i told them that they were supposed to come to that conclusion themselves.

But, since more than 1 person asked, i shall post my answers here:

1) Our parents will always want the best for us, though they may not necessarily know what we want.
2) Humans are very 范贱. They’re always suckers for what’s not good for them.
3) From a sales point of view – this shows that people buy things base on emotions, not facts.
4) I’m just plain stubborn… hahaha.

The moral of the cheng teng dessert

Last nite, my parents & i were ordering dessert during dinner when i said i wanted cold cheng teng. My dad said that cold cheng teng not worth it, because it’s more ice than the dessert itself. He said it was better to order the hot one, and let it cool down over dinner. But i insisted that i wanted cold cheng teng ‘cos i don’t like hot cheng teng!

So what’s the moral of the story here?







Really like the lyrics of this song. Couldn’t quite decide whose version to put on my blog – Kelly Poon’s, or Zhang Shao Han. In the end, i decided to go with the former… smaller file size… haha.

The Epitomy of Stupidity

I just made a majorly stupid mistake. I forgot to pay my credit card bills. And got charged $75. It would have been only $25… but ‘cos i thought i paid my bills, when i didn’t.. so all 3 cards got levied a $25 late charge, adding up to $75.

Which is DAMN FREAKING STUPID of me. I should’ve just kept to using 1 card… but i had to go use all 3. Idiotic right? Itchy backside lah!

I use the UOB Mini card for all my petrol bills. This is for easy tracking of my petrol expenses. I use the UOB Ladies card for all my other purchases… no particular reason… i just thought the card looked nice. And the last card, the UOB MTV card, my starhub hp line is charged it to… this is an arrangement from almost 2 years back, when i was still using the card for other stuff as well.

Anyway, see how stupid i was? If i wasn’t lazy… and just put everything on 1 card, then i would’ve just been penalized $25 for forgetting to pay the bill!! After all, it’s not as though i get a higher credit limit with 3 cards from the same bank! In fact, the only reason why i signed up for the different cards is ‘cos of the different promotions at the point of signing up.

Grr… i’m quite annoyed now. Going to change my starhub billing to my Ladies card & terminate the MTV card. Will have to keep an extra card just in case 1 konks out… just like my DBS ATM card now. I’m perpetually transferring money from my DBS a/c, to my UOB a/c, just so that i can use my UOB ATM card to draw money…. till i have the time to go to the bank to get a new DBS ATM card.




  1. One whose domicile lies at an appreciable distance from his or her place of business.
  2. A value far from most others in a set of data: “Outliers make statistical analyses difficult” (Harvey Motulsky).
  3. Geology. A portion of stratified rock separated from a main formation by erosion.

Growing up, i’ve often suspected that i’m an outlier, as per definition no. 2. Why?

  1. I started talking at 10 months, but didn’t really attempt to walk much till i was almost 2-years old. (Why walk when u can get someone to carry u right? And of ‘cos, in order to get someone to carry u where u want to go, it’s important that you open your mouth to direct them!)
  2. In nursery/kindergarten, all my classmates (at least all those i remember) always wanted a younger sibling for company. But i told my mom that i didn’t want any. Didn’t see the point in it.
  3. A typical 4-year old would probably hate going for extra non-academic classes… but i used to bug my parents every week till they let me take up ballet, piano, art, and taekwando lessons!
  4. I’m one of the rare Singaporeans who doesn’t understand Hokkien.
  5. On that same note, my standard of English probably ranks within the top 5% of all Singaporeans, and given that i spoke English almost exclusively while growing up, it’s kind of weird but i listen solely to Chinese pop. In fact, i don’t even know who are the members of the Backstreet Boys, U2, etc…
  6. And today, the outlier syndrome struck once again… i went to highlight my hair and i chose Magenta Red as it was the darkest red on the colour chart. My hairdresser also said that all her clients who wanted a visible red had to add Copper Red to Magenta Red, in order for the red to be visible. But for me? This is what i got…
(My hair is really super red… if it’s not obvious in the photo, that’s ‘cos it was taken in a rather dim carkpark.)There u have it! My bright red hair!

The Time Has Come

It was raining heavily this evening so my dad locked Pinky & Horlicks in the same cage to stop them from playing in the rain. When my dad went to feed them dinner at about 9:30pm, my dad saw Pinky mounting Horlicks. Sigh. The time has come. Pinky has to go for his snip snip once he recovers from his cold. I don’t think we could cope with a 6th rabbit! Hope the op doesn’t come too late and that Horlicks isn’t pregnant already!! 🙁

Warring States

Side gate seperating Horlicks & Pinky’s backyard from No Man’s Land.

The side of my house and the backyard have been sectioned off into 4 different areas so the different rabbits can roam freely within their territories. Muah Chee & Peanut stay in the 1st section, which is at the start of the side yard. There’s a fence that seperates their territory from the frontyard. This is to prevent them from running into the frontyard ‘cos that’s where all the cars are parked… don’t want no squashed rabbits!

Between MC & Peanut’s territory is a waist-high side gate (it’s one of those child-safety gates to prevent kids from falling down staircases) and on the other side of the gate is Coffee’s territory. We don’t let Coffee & MC come into contact ‘cos Coffee has this masochistic tedency of wanting to wrestle with MC, only to get pinned to the floor by the bigger MC. (This is not to say that MC stays injury free… Coffee often scratches & yanks out MC’s fur, before MC pins him down to the floor in self-defence.)

So Coffee’s territory is Section2. Usually, we let Peanut into Coffee’s territory to keep him company. They’re great friends really. And MC sleeps most of the day so he’s fine alone. In the evenings, my dad will usually tell Peanut to “go MC there” and she’ll obediently run to the door and wait for my dad to let her into MC’s territory. Then she’ll hop around with MC or go back into their shared cage to rest. She’s the most politically neutral bunny i have.

On the other side of Coffee’s territory is Section3, a.k.a. No Man’s Land. (Or rather No Bunnies Land). This small area doesn’t belong to anybunny. This is ‘cos the fence that separates Coffee’s territory and this No Man’s Land is pretty low and if Horlicks gets into this area, she sometimes jumps over the fence, into Coffee’s territory and the WWF championship kicks off in my side yard.

Seperating the No Man’s Land and Section4 (which is actually the entire backyard) is a proper gate. This gate was installed by my dad so that when my former maid (we don’t have a maid now) was doing the laundry in the backyard, she wouldn’t have to worry about being taken by surprise by any intruder that climbs into my house. (Sounds paranoid but my house has been called Alcatraz before…)

Horlicks & Pinky stay in the backyard (i.e. Section4). Very lucky bunnies ‘cos they have the biggest area to roam around, race, and play in. This afternoon, a now almost fully recovered Pinky managed to sneak into No Man’s Land when my dad opened the side gate to enter the backyard. My dad wanted to retrieve Pinky from No Man’s Land but Horlicks was watching the side gate, biding her time till it opened so that she could sneak out as well. Unable to get Horlicks away from the side gate, my dad had no choice but to leave Pinky in No Man’s Land.

Poor Pinky. He was stranded there for a few hours i think!! ‘Cos by the time my dad informed me that Pinky was out there alone, it was 8:20pm and when i went to let him in, the poor boy dashed to Horlicks’ cage! I think he was controlling his pee for a very long time… and in his exuberance upon seeing the litter tray, he peed just outside the cage instead. Sigh. Didn’t have the heart to smack him.

Little Pinky was also starving. He chomped down all the leftover grains in Horlicks’ food tray at amazing speed. U would have thought we don’t feed him enough! I carried Pinky and locked him back into his own cage and the little boy didn’t protest by biting on the grilles this time. He was too happy to see the fresh pellets & hay in his own cage. (MC & Peanut share this huge 3ft cage, then Coffee has his own 2.5ft cage, Pinky stays in a 2ft cage, and Horlicks has her own 2.5ft cage.)

Anyway, i’m just very grateful that Pinky is back to normal. When he was sick, i actually laid hands on him and prayed for his recovery ok! I sayang little Pinky the most so i always get extremely worried when there’s anything wrong with him. So praise the Lord! Pinky’s good again. 🙂

Hunger Strike!

Pinky went on a hunger strike today. He didn’t want to eat his pellets during breakfast so before i left for work, i tried to feed him some carrot shreds. He ate 7 short shreds of carrot.

My dad said he didn’t really touch his lunch either.

Dinner was slightly better… he ate some pellets (according to my dad) and so my dad topped up his food tray with pellets & thin strips of celery in case he got hungry during the night.

After i got home, i let Pinky out of his cage & he ran around a bit. Horlicks was locked in her cage and there were strands of hay sticking out of it. Pinky ate some strands, and stuck his mouth through the grilles of the cage to pull more out! Heh… that little thief. Think he ate about 4 strands?

Finally, before i locked him back into his own cage, i placed 10 strands of hay there. Hope he eats them all!!

Oh and i don’t think Pinky is angry with me. He jumped onto my lap twice when i was sitting on the small plastic chair in the yard. He also didn’t struggle when i carried him in my arms.

The funniest part was this… i was worried that Pinky wasn’t drinking water. So i placed the water dish in front of him when he ran over to the drain area. Tapping on the water tray, i told Pinky to “drink water” and the good little boy took a few sips. I asked him to drink more water but he refused and ran away, back into his cage… and guess what? He went to pee immediately! Haha… i think he was trying to tell me that he drank water today. Heh. Smart boy!

I prayed for Pinky again. Prayed that God will heal him and restore his appetite. Would you pray for Pinky too?


I took a photo just now of all the food in Pinky’s cage. He has a whole buffet spread – pellets, biscuit bits, chopped celery, alfafa hay & timothy hay…. and those are Pinky’s hind legs in the photo… not food…


1:32am. I went to check on Pinky. Took another photo for comparison. I think Pinky ate a little bit of the celery, as well as the timothy hay.

Pinky hates me…

Pinky hates me now. 🙁 Pinky has been having a slight cold since last Sunday. At first, i thought he was better so i cancelled this morning’s appointment with the vet. However, after reaching home just now, i saw that he still had this white gooey mucus and was still sneezing a little so i brought him down to the vet.

Not sure why but Pinky was quite scared by the car ride this time. Maybe it was ‘cos this stupid Mercedes cut into our lane suddenly and Cirrus was forced to step on the brakes… the sudden deceleration caused Pinky to skid & knock his head against the side of the carrier. Poor Pinky…

When we got to the vet, (it was the same allergic vet but he didn’t sneeze this time), Pinky was rather frightened and didn’t dare to come out of the carrier. So the vet examined him in the carrier and gave him an antibiotics jab in his right backside. Pinky really freaked out… he trembled with fear when the needle went in. Poor poor Pinky.

While the vet was preparing the medicine, i told Pinky to be brave and not to be scared of the dogs barking. I told to pretend that they were our neighbours’ dogs. I also told Pinky that he has to get used to coming to the vet ‘cos he’ll be here again in 2 months time… the vet laughed.

When we went back to the waiting area for the receptionist to do the billing, Pinky looked very freaked out. I tried to pat him and he actually shied away from my hand. Cirrus said, “Pinky doesn’t like you anymore.” Sob sob. I feel so sad. My favourite bunny doesn’t like me anymore.

After we got home, Pinky refused to eat anything. Maybe his butt still hurts from the jab. Muah Chee & Coffee refused to eat too when they were in pain. I promised Pinky that i’ll give him some biscuits once the pet shop delivered all the food & bedding i ordered.

At about 10:05pm, the delivery arrived and i immediately took the biscuit treat to Pinky. He ate like 1¾ biscuits and went to lie down again. Oh dear… the usually jumpy boy didn’t even attempt to charge out of his cage. He must really hate me…. waaaaah! His dinner was also untouched. 🙁

Sigh… now i don’t know if it was a wrong decision to bring him to the vet. I told the vet that i actually cancelled an earlier appointment ‘cos Pinky seemed to be getting better… but the vet said “better safe than sorry”. Apparently the cold (or more accurately the infection) that Pinky got the last time tends to be recurring. So he said better to put Pinky on antibiotics before his condition gets worse.

So for the next 10-14 days, Pinky will have to take 0.3ml of this antibiotics that has been diluted with syrup. I hope the little boy cooperates and eats his medicine.

Argh… my nose is dripping. Think i caught a cold too. (No, it’s not from Pinky. Human colds & rabbit colds are quite different and not inter-spread-able). I’ll set my alarm clock for 1am to check on Pinky later… that little boy always makes me so worried about him.


12:10am. Pinky seems to be recovering from the injection alright. Went down to take a peek at him and he was quite active again. Didn’t eat much of his dinner but he finished the balance of the biscuit i left in his food tray. He kept biting his cage to be let out so i let him out for a short run about the yard. He didn’t let me carry him on the first try but gave in when i picked him up the 2nd time. Sigh… that naughty boy. I think he’ll be fine. I prayed that God will heal him. I’m sure He can…Jehovah Ropheka… what’s a little sick bunny to an almighty God right?

Meanwhile… i need to look for medicine for my tummy… diarrhoea + cold… hope it’s not stomach flu!!