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Pinky on my lap!

This is the last video for now… Pinky jumping onto my lap (taken 28/3/2006). Sooo cute. Pardon my ga-ga tone whenever i talk to Pinky in the videos… heh.

Pinky wearing a t-shirt

And he hates it… heheh. Taken 31/1/2006.

Pinky in the dining room

I used to let Pinky run about the dining room a bit after his meals, for exercise. And boy can he scamper! This video was taken on 31 Jan 2006.  

Pinky starts to walk

This is one of the first few videos i took of Pinky, on 26 Jan 2006. Pinky was only 10 days old! Heh.. he’s like struggling to walk on the floor, and the bed. Cute.

Blog Videos

Ah… i finally got round to looking for websites to host videos, so that i can air them here. Wasn’t sure whether to choose between Youtube or Google Video so i decided to sign up for both. I tried Google Video first & the uploader tool is really user friendly for a first-timer like me. […]

Politics & Mindset

I’ve always been quite bo chup (apathetic) about politics and though i’ve openly declared that i’ll be voting for the PAP in this year’s General Election, i’ve never tried to convince anyone else to do the same. Likewise, i expect not to be badgered to vote for the opposition because i feel that who you […]

Brickbats & Bouquet(s)

Sigh… i got into another tussle with Singtel. Sheesh, if only i could get into an exercise routine as regular as these fights!! Anyway, i’m tired of having to repeat my entire story here, so i’m just going to copy & paste my latest email to Singtel. Oh btw, there is a happy ending. (Disclaimer: […]

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