Communicative Lizard

I came into my bedroom just now and saw a baby lizard on the floor. Instead of taking cover close to the walls or cupboards, this baby lizard was right smack in the middle of open space. “Drats!” I thought. I only just drowned a baby lizard about a month ago and here was another fella asking to be drowned??

So i told the lizard that it had better get out of my bedroom “or else…” I then took a section of the newspapers & started fanning it in the direction of the door. Amazing, the lizard moved in the direction of the newspaper!!

Painstakingly, i shoo-ed the baby lizard towards my door, and out of my room. When it paused at the opening of the doorway, i told it, “come on now, go out baby!”. I could sense its reluctance so i used the newspaper & threatened to smack it. That did the trick and the little lizard ran out of my room.

This lizard good right? I think it communicates better than some people i work with! Sigh…