The Epitomy of Stupidity

I just made a majorly stupid mistake. I forgot to pay my credit card bills. And got charged $75. It would have been only $25… but ‘cos i thought i paid my bills, when i didn’t.. so all 3 cards got levied a $25 late charge, adding up to $75.

Which is DAMN FREAKING STUPID of me. I should’ve just kept to using 1 card… but i had to go use all 3. Idiotic right? Itchy backside lah!

I use the UOB Mini card for all my petrol bills. This is for easy tracking of my petrol expenses. I use the UOB Ladies card for all my other purchases… no particular reason… i just thought the card looked nice. And the last card, the UOB MTV card, my starhub hp line is charged it to… this is an arrangement from almost 2 years back, when i was still using the card for other stuff as well.

Anyway, see how stupid i was? If i wasn’t lazy… and just put everything on 1 card, then i would’ve just been penalized $25 for forgetting to pay the bill!! After all, it’s not as though i get a higher credit limit with 3 cards from the same bank! In fact, the only reason why i signed up for the different cards is ‘cos of the different promotions at the point of signing up.

Grr… i’m quite annoyed now. Going to change my starhub billing to my Ladies card & terminate the MTV card. Will have to keep an extra card just in case 1 konks out… just like my DBS ATM card now. I’m perpetually transferring money from my DBS a/c, to my UOB a/c, just so that i can use my UOB ATM card to draw money…. till i have the time to go to the bank to get a new DBS ATM card.