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Muah Chee, Peanut, and Coffee

I’ve been posting quite a bit of photos of Pinky & Horlicks (‘cos she’s always with Pinky) but there hasn’t been much updates on the other rabbits. Was transferring all the photos i took from my hp to my pc when i saw a couple of cute photos of the others too. Here they are. […]

Birthday Festival 2006

Wow… it’s been 1 year since this blog was born. Once again, it’s UptownGal’s birthday festival week. Last year was a sad case… was forced to work on my birthday. So to make up for it, i took 3 days off this year! 😛 The celebrations started last Thursday and the main highlight of UTG […]

家 – Home

Couldn’t decide to post the English or Chinese version of this song online… in the end, i found a bilingual version of the song… but for the English portion of the song, only the chorus is sung. The lyrics are below… HOME (National Day 1998) sung by Kit Chan Whenever I am feeling low I […]

My Lion City

Sunday April 23, 2006 The Star   ‘Stupid’ remarks stir up hornet’s nest   By SEAH CHIANG NEE   SINGAPOREANS are affluent, educated, but are they really survival smart?   In a world of harsher living, this question that never dies has again grabbed the public focus here with a general election less than two […]

Wisdom to know the Difference

The Serenity Prayer God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change; courage to change the things i can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living on day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as […]

Communicative Lizard

I came into my bedroom just now and saw a baby lizard on the floor. Instead of taking cover close to the walls or cupboards, this baby lizard was right smack in the middle of open space. “Drats!” I thought. I only just drowned a baby lizard about a month ago and here was another […]

Personal DNA

Just did a personality test at & i am an “attentive analyst”. Attentive Analyst My results: About You Your attention to detail, confidence, sense of order, and focus on functionality combine to make you an ANALYST. You are very curious about how things work, delving into the mechanics behind things. Along those lines, how […]

Majulah Singapura

Since i’m on the topic of Singapore…. here’s the national anthem… heh. Honestly, i sing it by pure memory of the sounds of the words… never did bother to remember the meaning of each line. But since i’m feeling patriotic now… here are the lyrics in Malay, and the English translation. 🙂 MAJULAH SINGAPURA Mari […]

Political Education

I’ve always been very apathetic about politics – locally and overseas till this latest General Election. Reason for this is most likely because this is the first time i got to vote and so i never really bothered to think about which party i would want to vote for. Anyway, my friend and i got […]

Musical Fine Print

Just had a slight debate with my dad. He was watching the news and said that the police / govt are being unfair to a certain Wayang Party politician by detaining him. I say, just too bad. I mean, if you want to play punk in politics, then you just have to face the music. […]

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