Bored and Hungry

I am really really bored. Hungry too! But there’s no one to take a teabreak with me now. I’m just sitting at my desk, staring at this factsheet that i’m supposed to update, and popping this Florida’s Natural “Au’some” Fruit Juice Nuggets snack. (Will post photos of the really really cool packaging when i’m home.)

Heh… i really shouldn’t be blogging during office hrs… but it’s 20min to knockoff time! Plus, i have a viewing at 7:30pm… so my OT will cover this little time of nua-ing right? Hehe.

Sigh… working at Raffles Place isn’t good for saving money. I went to return a key to a tenant who works in a nearby office building just now… and on the way back to my office, i bought 2 bangles for $15! It was a one for one deal… so i couldn’t like just buy 1. They only sell them in pairs. So duh.

Yesterday, when i brought the shoes i bought last Fri back to the shop for them to adjust the straps, i ended up buying another pair! Luckily, the 2nd pair i bought was on a 40% discount. Not only that… guess what? I saw this really cool striking midnight blue dress from GG<5 just now! Will be going down to check it down later! Hehe. Ooh... there was something i wanted to blog about when i was on my way to the tenant's office just now. As i walked past The Arcade, 3 middle-aged uncles walked out of the bldg and 1 of them stared at my chest. Wah lau eh. So disgusting. I glared at the asshole but he didn't notice 'cos his gaze was transfixed somewhere else! What an idiot! I'm not even wearing a low-cut top today! As i walked between his friend and him, i said in a very crisp tone, "Excuse Me." And that jerk answered, "Yes, you are." Like what the heck was his problem? I was REALLY pissed off and i threw him a sideway glance and muttered, "Prick!". Angry man. I know guys with less developed brain functions will say, "if gals don't want guys to admire them, then dress so nicely for what?" But hello! Admiration is like when u look at a beautiful painting and u appreciate it. Staring open at someone's mammaries is like like poring over a porn magazine and drooling lor! Very different matters ok! Ok. 10min to knockoff time (GG<5 wait for me! I'm coming!). I shall go wash my cup now.

Back to Normal

Pinky’s back to normal now – jumping on chairs, munching his pellets with vigour, devouring the hay in his tray. Previously, he was nibbling so feebly on his food that it seemed as though his teeth were too blunt to bite the small shreds of carrot & celery. But now, his teeth are attacking the grilles of his cage when we lock him up. Heh. Strong teeth. (Though i’m always worried he’ll damage his gums / teeth with all his biting on metal.)

Was feeling really inert tonite – watching random stuff on TV – Da Chang Jin, Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Fraiser, a Taiwanese variety show gueststarring Tanya Chua and some detective show on Ch 5. A very “blain dead” night.

As i read the Life! section and watched the shows on TV, my pc’s screensaver kicked off and started flashing images of Pinky. Heh… i love watching my screensaver of Pinky. He’s so inexplicably cute.

All my rabbits have their unique personalities.

Muah Chee’s very intelligent… and “talks” to us the most. U can tell him to do almost everything short of “roll over”. He knows the names of the other bunnies and he knows how to find them & usher them home when they’re hiding somewhere.

Peanut’s the most stereo-typical of all. She’s timid, doesn’t really trust humans, loves to take shelter behind MC & Coffee, but doesn’t really give any problems. Sometimes she’s cute when she stands at the door between her enclosure and Coffee’s, and ask to go over to his side by standing at this 45-deg angle & looking at u & the door. (She usually does this ‘cos MC always konks out in deep sleep in the afternoons. Think she gets bored.)

Then there’s Coffee. Timid and soft when he was a baby, and used to take cover behind MC. But now that he’s grown up, he likes to pick fights with MC. But he’s really good friends with Peanut. In fact, he sayangs her a lot… and will even groom her fur!

Horlicks is a very protective mom. She’ll fight any rabbit who attempts to come near Pinky. Heck. The minute she gets a chance to escape from her enclosure, she’ll jump over the fence and take an offensive on Coffee. Poor chap… doesn’t stand a chance against Horlicks ferocity. But when it comes to Pinky, Horlicks pampers him as much i do. No matter how tired/sleepy she is, when Pinky wants to be groomed, she’ll wake up to groom him.

Last of the lot is Pinky!! He’s a very stubborn bunny. If u don’t let him have his way (like when we lock Horlicks up to separate them), he’ll throw tantrums and not accept any treats you offer. He’s one haughty rabbit. Probably thinks we were all born to serve him. Real royalty type. But he can be really really sweet also like when I step out into the backyard and call his name, and he comes running. Or when i’m sitting in the yard reading newspaper, and he hops onto my lap. So manja right? Sigh… *melts*.

So that’s my day so far. Nothing exciting, but filled with lots of happy bunny stuff. I thought of a lot of topics to blog about during the day – i wanted to write about this really cool “pinky” tee i bought (it’s pink and has many bunnies from one shoulder down hence it’s a “pinky” tee… get it?). I also wanted to talk about how it how i did a real bitchy thing at work tdy… shooting off one of those sarcastic emails because someone was non-responsive to my requests… i even wanted to do an egoistical rant about long lashes… but i’ll leave that for another day.

Oh and… i bought another pair of shoes tdy… that’s 4 pairs from the GSS… Muahahahaha.