Pat on my Back

I am so proud of myself! Muhahaha! So what if i couldn’t get any of the photoalbum plugins to work? So what if i still have yet to figure out css & php? I still managed to get a photo slideshow up and running! Muhahaha. This shows that the important thing is to… “use your blain, use your blain!” When there is a will, there is a way!

Okok… that was very egoistic. To be honest, when i said previously that i’m a biz grad with limited IT knowledge… heh, i “accidentally” failed to mention that i actually got an A grade for computing during my GCE ‘A’ Level exams. Not only did i ace my course… i also worked part-time for the technical helpdesk of an ISP before. Haha.

BUT!! I also have to confess that my Computing project was really a recycling of a brillant senior’s codes, and an excellent re-packaging of the documentation. (His original project was more cheem than mine but i bullshit better.) I don’t deserve any IT brownie points at all.

Also, when i was working at the tech support helpdesk, the true IT whiz was Zounds. He was the guru whom we all consulted when we had problems. Poor chap… i remember calling him for desperate SOS on his rest days even. Haha. But i wasn’t a lousy helpdesk agent either ‘cos i did what i do best – i solve problems – no matter how unorthodox my solutions may be. So there you have it. Sigh… my “extensive IT limitations”.

Anyway, it’s darn early in the morning now… and i need to work later. Will work on the video link another day. Till then!


Heh… Peanut doesn’t have a growth.  I should’ve checked before i brought her to the vet but i woke up late this morning and so i hurriedly got my dad to coax Peanut into the carrier while i showered.

Peanut was v.traumatised by the car ride.  She even peed in the carrier!  Not a lot… just a little bit.  And the minute we opened up the top of the carrier to let the vet examine her, she leapt out of it!  I blocked her from the front & the vet caught hold of her and she left us scratches all over.  The vet managed to snip off the matted fur.  He did advise that if we or professional groomers aren’t able to cut her super long fur, we should consider letting the him sedate her & groom her fur properly.

I’m seriously considering that ‘cos Peanut is just too timid to be groomed awake.  But we couldn’t do it today because it was too last minute and we would need time to let her calm down before the sedative is administered.

Sigh.. what to do, what to do?