Still at #18

I said ‘no’. I turned down the offer from the property developer. The recruitment guy wasn’t happy of ‘cos. But i guess he should be used to it by now. He said it wasn’t nice, i’ve given them my word, etc, etc. But i told him better that i say no now, then to take on the job, and quit w/in the next 6 months. In fact, i might resign even before i start!

The recruitment guy said that after this experience, he would be afraid to recommend me to other employers, namely, the trade credit insurer. I told him that i know this is a good offer if i were to stay in property. But i keep wavering on the offer because i don’t want to stay in property. I think i prefer moving back to insurance.

So the recruitment guy has turned down the offer on my behalf and it seems like Goodland is going to offer their backup candidate. Good for her. Haha.

Sigh. Eon hasn’t called. Maybe they’re waiting for another candidate and i’m their backup…haha. We’re all suckers in the same cycle.

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