Eon Called

Eon called. I was half asleep (off today) when my phone rang & i answered thinking that it was some agent who called ‘cos i have an ad in the papers today regarding condo rental. ANYWAY, it was the senior manager from Eon. He said that he was out of town the past 2 weeks and hence did not have the opportunity to review all the candidates. He called to check it i had joined any other companies (since i mentioned that i had an offer the last time) and asked if i was still keen on the job.

I told him that i had rejected the other offer. He asked which co. was it from and i told him that it was from a property developer. I think that gave him the impression that i’m more wanted by property people. Damn! Should’ve told him that i rejected an offer from AAA just 2 days ago! Bleah! *Slaps myself to wake up*.

The senior mgr (oh his name is B.Mac) says that he’ll call me again by early next week to let me know the status of my application. I hope it’ll be good news!

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