A couple of days ago, i met up with some secondary school friends for dinner. One of them said to me that one of her colleagues knows my ex-bf. I was like, er, which ex-bf? After i figured out which ex-bf she was referring to, i told her that he was getting married soon and we’re actually ok friends. But while i no longer have feelings for him, i definitely still have “feelings” for his wife-to-be!

Speak of the devil. I saw her in church today ‘cos she was doing Lord’s Supper duty. I felt such conflict & “un-peace” in my heart. At that moment, i knew that i have yet to forgive her for being a 3rd party. I guess if there’s anyone i still hatred & harbour unforgiveness towards, it’s her.

I asked myself – given that they’re getting married now, perhaps she was right to be the 3rd party ‘cos they’re meant to be together? But then again, just ‘cos u feel that someone ought to rightfully be with you, does that give u the right to be the bitch? It’s not something i can accept. To me, relationships are very clear cut. There is a right & wrong to things and to place your own selfish desires above moral rights & wrongs is, just plain wrong.

Anyhow, i felt very torn this morning. After all, we were about to have the Lord’s Supper & what does the Lord’s Supper represent? It’s a commemoration of Jesus’ 2nd coming. When we break bread, it symbolises his body that was broken. He died for our sins. He died for mine, as well as hers. Who am i to pass judgement on her? I may be the aggrieved, but i’m only the plaintiff. Not the judge.

Once upon a time, i hated her so much that i wished she’ll never accept Christ. I hoped thus ‘cos i wanted her to burn in hell. Yeap. I’m that evil. To me, that’s the worst “revenge” possible. But i guess Jesus’ love encompasses all our mistakes in life. Thank God for that or i’ll probably be burning too.

Someone once told me that it’s possible to forgive, but not forget. I don’t know about that man. I’m still on the first step.

Scar-face Pinky

Pinky had a very bad week this past week. A couple of days ago, he felt so insulted ‘cos an ignorant colleague of mine pointed to his photo and went, “Is that a chinchilla?”. Of ‘cos when Pinky got to know about it, he was really pissed. “Simi chinchilla? Your colleague’s eyes so lousy, better scratch them out!” Pinky said to me.

Then last night, my dad locked the other bunnies up and he let Horlicks & Pinky run along the side of my house. His purpose was to let Horlicks & Pinky continue to socialise with the others so they won’t be alienated. But when i went down to check on them, Pinky had a bloodied nose!!

I asked Pinky what happened but he didn’t want to talk about it. So i wet a piece of tissue with water & wiped the blood off his nose. He had a cut on his nose… probably got scratched by one of the others when he put his nose into their cage to kaypoh. Sigh. Guess Pinky had to learn the hard way that not everyone gives in to him like his mommy.

But Pinky’s fine. When i saw him this morning, he cleaned the wound very well. Couldn’t see any traces of blood on his nose though i could still see the cut. He’s also pretty brave… didn’t cower or anything even after he got injured. In fact, he barely flinched when i was cleaning his wound. Sigh… that arrogant bunny. Heh. Took some photos of Pinky but they didn’t turn out so nice… colours looked a little dull ‘cos taken at night. Shall post photos when i get some better shots of the little fella. 🙂

Fan Fan’s Concert

Found Fan Fan’s beach concert on youtube. It’s broken up into several parts for viewing. Can’t embed the videos here ‘cos the owner of the clips doesn’t allow. But for all those keen to watch, click here to view them. (This was the concert that she fell off the stage at the end of it).

I watched 1 clip so far. I really love the way she sings… so moving… if she ever has a concert in SG, i’ll definitely go!!

Fan Fan’s Concert

Found Fan Fan’s beach concert on youtube. It’s broken up into several parts for viewing. Can’t embed the videos here ‘cos the owner of the clips doesn’t allow. But for all those keen to watch, click here to view them. (This was the concert that she fell off the stage at the end of it).

I watched 1 clip so far. I really love the way she sings… so moving… if she ever has a concert in SG, i’ll definitely go!!


Went to Eon’s office today and collected some notes on what constitutes political risk insurance. Very interesting. Reminds me of my insurance notes in school.

I’ve only read through a few pages of the notes so far and i find it pretty interesting. In the typical insurance policies that the public is exposed to (e.g. life insurance, employee benefits, etc), there’s always a clause excluding “war & rioting”. This same clause appeared in everything that i’ve studied before in school. But with political risk, it’s like crossing over to the other side of insurance. Political risk falls in in the category that most insurers deem uninsurable. Really cool.

B.Mac asked me to spend the weekend going through the note and to let him know on Monday morning if this is my cup of tea. I asked him what happens from there and he said that he’s shortlisted 2 people for the position, me being one of them, and so both of us will be given the notes to read… and he’ll “come to a decision” early next week.

Looking at it simplistically, that’s a 50-50 chance that i’ll get the job. Or perhaps the other candidate will realise that bring political risk, bi-lateral treaties & stuff aren’t his/her cup of tea and he/she’ll pull out? Or, i could take Iceman’s suggestion and assassinate the other candidate. That’ll bring my chances up to 100%. Hmm…

Renumeration wise, B.Mac said that they’ll have no problems matching my asking… so that’s good. Now it’s just a matter of eliminating the competition…

Any assassins for hire?

Eon Called

Eon called. I was half asleep (off today) when my phone rang & i answered thinking that it was some agent who called ‘cos i have an ad in the papers today regarding condo rental. ANYWAY, it was the senior manager from Eon. He said that he was out of town the past 2 weeks and hence did not have the opportunity to review all the candidates. He called to check it i had joined any other companies (since i mentioned that i had an offer the last time) and asked if i was still keen on the job.

I told him that i had rejected the other offer. He asked which co. was it from and i told him that it was from a property developer. I think that gave him the impression that i’m more wanted by property people. Damn! Should’ve told him that i rejected an offer from AAA just 2 days ago! Bleah! *Slaps myself to wake up*.

The senior mgr (oh his name is B.Mac) says that he’ll call me again by early next week to let me know the status of my application. I hope it’ll be good news!

Quality of Writing

I’ve checked out ST’s latest online portal – STOMP a couple of times ‘cos i was curious about what their “starbloggers” write about… and unfortunately, the stuff they write are boring. The topics are really serious and… i guess it’s easier to write meaningful stuff when u write things you want to express your views on, rather than issues that you’re made to write on. That’s like going back to school and writing compositions for your English lesson right?

Anyway, one of the starbloggers is called Xiaxue. I think she’s pretty well-known, though i don’t understand why. She’s been mentioned on the papers a couple of times but… her writing sucks! I checked out her blog and she’s trying to potray this “i’m famous ‘cos i dare to express my views” persona… but… but… she doesn’t have any views at all! I read somewhere that she used to be an SPH intern and i was mightily surprised ‘cos her writing is horrid! It’s not about writing in Singlish, or being prim & proper in your writing… her writing has no style & no coherence whatsoever! Why the heck is she famous? She has several product endorsement deals as well… which is something i don’t get either. I thought only beautiful people get to be models? Slim, goodlooking, nice features…? Since when did ugly become hip?

Ok… so i’m being bitchy. But it’s true!! Anyway, there is a blog that… erm, i won’t ask people to read ‘cos it’s kind of racy but the author’s writing is good. The blog’s known as “A Babe in Toyland“. The author language’s beautiful, and her vocab is fantastic! (Best language used amongst all the blogs i’ve seen so far). Other blogs that i like are in my blogroll, special mention goes to “Hair on the Soap” for the author’s strong views on various social-political issues (though i don’t necessarily agree with all of them), “Domestic Un-Goddess” for her rants on domestic life, and “Tales from the Emergency Room” for the interesting stories from a doc’s point of view.

Somehow i can’t quite explain what makes good writing. It’s not about using bombastic words. Simple language can be beautiful & moving too. Perhaps it’s the sincerity that goes behind each piece. But one thing i do know is that bad writing irks me. Irritates the shit out of me (speaking of which… i suspect i have haemorrhoids).

I was flipping through a recent issue of the Highway magazine when i just couldn’t make myself continue ‘cos the writing was REALLY REALLY bad. There wasn’t any major grammatical mistakes… but i did note a distinct lack of punctuation. Sometimes, the author also didn’t seem to know what he wanted to say & ended up rambling on and on. Make your point man. I can’t stand people who write with no sincerity. Just like cooking. Must “have lurve”.

Okie… that’s enough banal rants for tonight. Better go sleep so i can pursue more anal issues tomorrow.

0% Entertainment

Wow. Some newbies promoting their album on 100% Entertainment now. The group consists of 2 gals and i think they’re called Mi Xue Wei Qi (??) and the album they’re promoting is called Princess (goodness gracious!).

Boy… can they NOT sing. Sheesh… and they’re not even pretty nor do they have any figure to speak off. Most importantly, they don’t have stage presence!! They’re not entertaining! Who the heck signed them on man? Sheesh. Boring episode tonight. Bleah!

The thing that gets on my nerves most is when they sing in their weak airy voice, they do these Mariah Carey hand actions and their face contort as though they’re singing some damn powerful song. Wah piang eh… damn poser! Buay tahan uh! Pui pui pui!

Hope for ICQ!

Yesterday, i read in the Straits Times’ digital life section that MSN & Yahoo has just launched a latest version of the 2 IMs that will allow users to send messages across both platforms. Immediately, the thought that came to my mind was… that’s it lah. ICQ is doomed to eternal obscurity. After all, the last version of ICQ that was released was in 2003!! For today’s split-second attention span Internet users, no improvements / innovations for 3 years spells DEATH in caps!

Bitching about the unstability of MSN with a friend today (something screwed up & i had to uninstall & re-install MSN before i could log on), i mourned the loss of ICQ. I was telling him about how ICQ has been dead since 2003, and that the lack of improvements might be linked to the fact that AOL bought over ICQ (er, i’m only linking the 2 events ‘cos the timelime coincided)… when i suddenly had this urge to check the ICQ website.

Lo and behold! There is a NEW ICQ VERSION released! Fresh out of the oven on 11 Jul 2006! ICQ ver 5.1 has incorporated new features like short animation flash, new skins, and being able to choose to log onto ICQ via mobile phone. I haven’t tried it yet but the specs look promising.

After all, the latest MSN copies a lot of the features that the ICQ2003b has… so perhaps if ICQ can innovate & leapfrog in this latest version, a resurrection may be in order.

So tell all your friends! Check out the latest ICQ… resurrect it!