One Day More

Tomorrow’s my last day at work. (If u didn’t already guess from my latest song). Packed up most of my things in office – my cup, water bottle, coasters, tissue box, etc – kept all in a paperbag which i’m going to leave with my colleague so i can get it from her when i shift to the 32th floor. I’m a little sad… and reluctant to leave. I guess that’s ‘cos my departure is due to pull factors rather than push factors.

The agents at Triumph are really sweet. They’re having some KTV + dinner thingy this Sunday as sort of a farewell thing. Another group of agents also msg’d saying that they’re arranging for a get together in the next 1-2 weeks time. Strangely, the Wicked Witch is part of the 2nd group!! Hmm… maybe she’s throwing some sort of celebration that i’m finally getting out of her hair. Wahaha. Popping of champagne and the like…

Wanted to write this earlier but i half didn’t get the opportunity to, and it half slipped my mind. Anyway, was really efficient! They got back to me within 3 hours to confirm my reservation for Arnoma Hotel’s superior room. Fantastic! At least they didn’t try to con me into taking a more expensive deluxe room! Down with! Down, down, down to subterranean depths!

I want to take Patience with me to BKK but Cirrus tried to dissuade me by saying skali after we come back, “unclean things” will come back with us in Patience! But, but, Patience always goes on holidays with me! She’s been to Hong Kong, USA, and Malaysia! She would be upset if i didn’t take her along this time. I mean, she never quite forgave me for not taking her when i went Europe!

Cirrus then said if after we come back from BKK, and Patience opens her mouth & says, “Sawadikap”, i would freak out. I laughed it off… but the thought did bug me a little. Haha. But i guess i’ll take her after all. Spiritual attack is not about talking toy bunnies.

Okie… dinner time for the real bunnies soon. UptownGal Catering Services gotta get to work!

Movie Star Rabbits

I highly suspect that my bunnies think they’re some huge celebrities that need to be coaxed and pampered everyday.

My dad went to KL early this morning and will be there for a week. So it’s left to UptownGal Catering Services to deliver the meals to the bunnies. When i went downstairs to feed them, Horlicks & Pinky were creating a ruckus in their cages, biting the grills, demanding to be let out. They even pooped on the mats in their cages, after my dad & i painstakingly cleaned all the cages yesterday.

While nagging at Pinky & Horlicks about pooping outside their toilet bowls (litter trays), i heard Coffee making a lot of noise & lugging something around in his cage. So i went to take a look at him… tsk tsk… the minute i opened his cage door, he threw the cover of his toilet bowl at me.

I told him, “I open the door already what! Why u still so angry?”. He continued to sulk at me & refused to let me put the cover of his toilet bowl back. I had to wrestle it from him & place it firmly on top of his toilet bowl as he continued to sulk at me, & came out of his cage.

His cage looked pretty clean… i think he probably wanted to come out ‘cos he doesn’t like to use the toilet bowl in his cage, preferring to poop & pee in the toilet bowl outside his cage. (We had to put a 2nd litter tray outside ‘cos this boy very smart. Only uses public toilets so his cage won’t have any smell of poop / pee).

Last of all, i let Muah Chee & Peanut out. They’re both shedding and after 1 night, there were bits of fur all over their freshly washed mats. Sigh. Can’t blame them for that. At least there was no poop.

The minute he came out of his cage, Muah Chee nudged my ankle to open the barrier for him ‘cos he wanted to take his daily jog in the front garden. And so i did. He only ran 2 rounds and came back to lie down. Lazy boy. I knew it. His daily exercise regime is a scam. He’s still chubby & lazy. Oh… there’s also this small cut at the tip of his nose. My dad thinks he got it yesterday ‘cos he visited Coffee’s cage… so Coffee might have scratched him. Poor father & son (MC & Pinky)… both got scratches on their noses. Sigh. (I think lop ear rabbits are a lot friendlier and less aggressive than lionheads.)

I hope the bunnies won’t make a mess (last week, both Peanut & Coffee managed to unlodge their toilet bowls & threw them all around, causing the litter inside to spill all over the floor) as no one will be home today. Most importantly, i hope no stray cats come in to attack them while the house’s empty!!

Of female dogs & male chickens

There had to be a big fight on my last weekend at Triumph. Sigh. So tired of the consistent & never-ending crap from this bitch called Zoosan, & this cock called Abnorman.

Just wrote a 3-page essay on what happened because Zoosan & Abnorman’s team I/C want to have a “private meeting” with the developer, to “counter-complain” about us. Sigh. I’m too tired to write all the whole long story now. Suffice to say, the bitch & the cock refused to follow our queue system, the bitch shouted in a gangster manner, “Not happy come over lah”, and the cock remained cocked up till the end of the day.

If they piss me off enough, perhaps i’ll have the energy to spill all the juicy details here. Till then…