National Day Theme

I just spent the entire night on this special theme for National Day. Started with trying to get the header pic right… then the background colour… then the text colour (this was a killer)… then the roller archive (U can’t see it anymore. I managed to disable it.) Just when i thought everything was ok after 8 hrs of work, i realised that $&@*^ IE doesn’t display the page properly. The site credits in the footer keeps getting wrapped inside the 2nd post of the blog. Sigh.

I’ve learnt much over the night. This is what i call learning by diffusion… the .css diffused from my monitor screen, into my eyes, and skipped across several synapses till it got into my brain. But the .php & the .js are still floating around… sigh.

Anyway, I give up liao. If u can’t read the post, tough luck. Try Firefox. (Actually sometimes IE displays the page correctly, sometimes it doesn’t… success rate of displaying the page correct is about 10%?)

Whatever the case, I don’t care. I’m tired. Going to sleep. Goodnight!

Happy National Day Singapore!

Happy 41st Birthday Singapore!!

If there’s one surefire way to make me cry, that’s to let me listen to national day songs. I especially love the old old songs that i grew up with – ‘We are Singapore’, ‘Count on Me Singapore’, and ‘Stand Up for Singapore’.

Over the years, some people have criticized that the words are too tacky, and the call for patriotism is an overkill. Not for me. I don’t see why we should go all soft on calling fellow Singaporeans to be united as one. These songs express precisely why i am very proud to be Singaporean. It is something i would never shy away from.

My favourite National Day Song is ‘We are Singapore’. I love the way it describes our humble beginnings, how people felt that being a nation so small, we would never succeed, and the way the chorus describes Singapore as my country, my flag, my future, my life, my friends, and my family is just so apt.

As a tribute to all things Singaporean, i’ve typed out the lyrics of the song here. Click this link to hear the lion roar! 🙂


There was a time when people said that Singapore won’t make it, but we did.
There was a time when troubles seemed too much for us to take, but we did.
We built a nation
Strong and free
Reaching together for peace & harmony

This is my country
this is my flag
This is my future
This is my life
This is my family
These are my friends
We are Singapore

Singapore our homeland
It’s here where we belong
All of us united
One peple marching on
We’ve come so far together
Our common destiny

Singapore forever
A nation strong & free

We the Citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves as one united people
Regardless of race
Language or religion
To build a democratic society
Based on justice & equality
So as to achieve
Happiness prospertiy & progress for our nation

We are Singapore
We are Singapore
We will stand together
Hear the Lion roar!

We are Singapore
We are Singapore
We’re a nation strong and free