Loanshark Rabbits (2)

I knew i was right when i said my rabbits were loansharks. Yesterday, Horlicks & Pinky learnt to extort money, i mean biscuits, from my mother. My mom was in the backyard hanging freshly washed bedsheets out to dry, when the 2 of them started harassing her. My mom’s amazingly scared of cute furry animals, and she usually jumps when the bunnies go near her feet. Taking advantage of her weakness, Horlicks & Pinky started encircling her & springing surprise nudge-attacks at her ankles.

Surrounded, my mom surrendered to their intimidation & fed them half a biscuit stick each. But since when are loansharks ever satisfied with any money their victims offer right? So Horlicks & Pinky continued to threaten bodily harm to my mom’s ankles after they finished their half biscuit each. In the end, my mom had to give them another half biscuit each to placate them, and it was only then that they were satisfied and went off to take a nap, leaving my mom, her ankles, and her bedsheets in peace.

And u thought rabbits were such harmless creatures…

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