Woohoo! The guest star on 100% Entertainment tonight is David Tao!! I love watching him ‘cos he’s sooo witty & humourous. Very few artistes are as entertaining as him and of ‘cos, he sings sooo well!! (But the mike on the show still has that irritating feedback sound! Argh!).

Anyway, there’s one thing i don’t get about how Ch U shows the episodes… they’re definitely not in order… and i have no idea why. So weird.

Oh yah… David Tao’s website is www.davidtao.com (ok, that’s kind of a duh statement). Check it out here! 🙂 His new album, 太美丽 is also available for purchase now. Go get it!!


Aw man!! I just checked out David Tao’s website and he has this online diary sort of thing. Ok… there’re only 21 entries and he writes like once every few months but u know what’s the coolest thing about it?? All his entries have both English & Chinese versions!! Whoopee!! Finally! A Chinese artiste’s website that i can appreciate & understand!!

Oh and i must say that his English is pretty decent. Haha. Ok lah. His English is good… i think he’s an ABC right? Actually i’m not really that sure of his background. Will probably have to do a bit of googling later. But yeah… i like reading things that are written gramatically. Haha.