Please help me call SPCA

dear fans,

i want to lodge a complain against my owners.  they’ve been ill-treating me.  they make me beg for my food, and they don’t let me sleep in peace.  they keep making a lot of noise whenever i lie down for my afternoon nap.  i overheard my maid telling her mom just now, that i have this really really thin upper tooth that’s growing out now.  it’s only as thin as a toothpick!!  but they want to pluck it out, like they did my other front teeth.  they’re so cruel.  please help me call SPCA.




this is poor me being tempted with a carrot stick.







is it humane to make a bunny beg?  i have my dignity too u know!






i tried to sleep. 






but my maid made a lot of noise.  i was very irritated.





then dunno-what-thing dropped and crashed to the floor with a bang.  nearly gave me a heart attack!






this is me.  traumatised. 






Pinky the Pitiful


Finally collected my Oakley sunglasses from The Lens Men @ Parkway Parade! Stupid shop people! Didn’t call me even though the sunglasses were ready for collection. If i hadn’t called the shop to check, they would still be sitting in the box!

Actually i’m sort of curious whether the shop really ordered a new pair, or they gave me back the same pair ‘cos i saw an identical scratch on the side of the frame… but this supposedly new pair has some other fine scratches too… and it feels slightly tighter (i’m very sensitive to glasses… ‘cos i get headaches easily from any pressure to the sides of my head). So i really don’t know. No choice but to give the shop the benefit of the doubt.

I realise u need a lot of confidence to wear sunnies. I’ve never really had a pair before…. sure… i had this funky rose pink one from Topshop in London… but the shape of that pair looked more like ordinary glasses, just tinted rose to give the wearer a happier view of the world.

I’ve always liked those big big aviator shades. But i don’t think i’ll look good in them. Somehow, u need to be cool to carry them off. But i’m a stupid user remember? Definitely not cool. Sigh. This new pair of shades are big too. They give good coverage when driving… so u won’t get any rays of sun like shooting in from the sides of the glasses. The grey lens are also a lot lighter when u look out of them…. as in they’re not as black as they seem. (BTW, the description on the box says grape frame with grey lens. The frame’s like a dark ribena berry purple for those who can’t tell from the pic.) Wore them while driving just now and i simply love them!!

Just that… i still feel a little self-conscious in them. Haha. I thought they looked great when i tried them on at the shop… but now i feel a bit funny when i wear them? What if they’re too big and too dark such that they look like those glasses blind people wear? Hehe. Oh well, i’m telling myself now that it’s just me. I look fine!! Right? Right?

Right! I look fine. 😛 Don’t answer that.


Darn! Apparently i bought the Men’s design of the sunglasses. This is the female equivalent…

oakley female.jpg

Did i make the wrong choice?

Catcher of Bugs

Bugs are drawn to me, somehow. All sorts of bugs – insects (i’ve almost never opened my bedroom windows since shifting to my house in 1998 ‘cos insects & moths kept flying in at night); flu bug (i’m very prone to catching colds… especially this year… i’ve been to the doctor like 6 times ‘cos of nasal ailments?!); hardware bugs (I seem to be able to find a bug on the very first day of use for every new handphone i buy); and the latest – software bugs (yes, the very software i’m using now.)

Flask very kindly introduced me to the latest beta software from Microsoft – the “Live Writer“. It allows users to write blog posts in it (u can do it offline), and the publish the post directly to your blog for you. It’s compatible with almost every blog i think – blogger, wordpress, livejournal, etc. Cool hor? (I hope the various blog servers won’t start barring this prog…) BUT! I found a bug on my very first try. Sigh. Something to do with checking the Date/Time checkbox. Won’t go into it here… i’ve reported the bug on Microsoft’s forum already.

Bug aside, this Live Writer (i keep wanting to type Liver!) is really cool. It allow easy customisation of the blog post (noticed the changes in my font?), insertion of pics with backdrop shadow, etc. Most importantly, everything’s done on your desktop right? So even if your blog server suddenly konks out, u won’t lose your entire entry.

Interested? Try it for yourself! 🙂