Language Quirks

I was surfing the Mr. Brown website when i found a short excerpt of PM Lee’s National Day Rally Speech on the site. No offence to our PM but when PM Lee made the first grammatical error in his speech… i thought, nevermind… people may have a slip of tongue when they speak… but when he started talking about Republic Polytechnic & how students can “hand up” & “pass up” their homework, i started cringing.

When i was in primary school, my teachers ingrained in me that u hand in your homework. U don’t “pass up” your homework. U pass up opportunities given to u… and u hand in your homework. As for “hand up”? I have no idea where that comes from.

It’s not as though my English is perfect – i have a lot of questions as to what is right & when to use what… but there are just some mistakes that i find intolerable.

Like when people say, “irregardless”. That REALLY bugs me. It’s irrespective or regardless. Choose one. Mai everything also combine lor!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… it’s possible to speak grammatical Singlish so do it!

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