I’m quite upset now ‘cos 2 of my entries (Best of the Best and Best Parking Idiots Photo) on 28 Aug 2006 apparently disappeared. Thankfully, i managed to find a cached version of the page from Google. (THANK YOU GOOGLE FOR TRAWLING THE NET!) If not for the cached version, i wouldn’t possibly remember what i wrote regarding my darling Muah Chee… and i actually totally forgot about the photo from parking idiot. 🙁

Now i’m just wondering how many other posts have i lost, if any? It’s kind of upsetting isn’t it? I don’t know what’s the reason that these 2 posts disappeared… i’m pretty sure i didn’t delete anything ‘cos i haven’t been blogging the past few days. Hope these are the only 2 posts that went missing. 🙁

Hire & Fire

The new gal who started work the same day as me? She got fired. Happening man… heard she just set the record for the fastest hire & fire in Eon… not that it’s something i would ever want to challenge. Haha.

Apparently, she was having a one to one training session with her boss when she kept sending sms-es. Her boss asked her to stop and she allegedly (hey i wasn’t there in person!) answered him back saying, if he can make personal calls to his wife, and if colleague A can surf the Internet, and colleague B can do don’t-know-what else, why can’t she send sms?

I think her boss tried to explain that the company’s not a slavedriver so obviously it’s ok if u do a little bit of personal stuff during office hours. But to sms continuously during a training session (not to mention a one to one session), is just not right!

Sheesh… i don’t know if she’s just plain stupid / rude / no EQ. My boss says she’s from some really rich background so he feels that she’s just some spoilt rich kid who refused to change her lifestyle even after she started work. Although this is her 1st job after graduation, the extent of her stupidity / rudeness / lack of EQ amazes me lah. The few friends i’ve told this story have laughed and laughed at how she got fired. Hehe… oh well, guess it is quite funny in a i-can’t-believe-there’s-someone-like-that way. Hahahaha.