Damn You Foreign Journalists

The more i read the various articles by some foreign journalists/online publications, the more pissed i am.  Fuck u.  That’s all i can say.  I’ve read things like – Singaporeans have “no independent thought process”, how it’s unfair of us to ban people from demonstrating/protesting ‘cos the decisions of the IMF meeting has an impact on “millions of people from over 200 countries”, and how we have “the highest per capita execution rate in the world”.  (What a joke.  We earned this title by hanging 8 people this year.)

So just ‘cos Singapore is a “red dot” on the map, and we have under 5mil people on our shores, our views & concerns don’t deserve to be heard?  Our safety can be disregarded?  Our property can be damaged?  U talk about your bloody “freedom of expression”, and i tell u i’m more concerned about my freedom to walk on my country’s soil without fear of some asshole of a protester ramming his signage into my face.

Ya.  All u stupid troublemakers, u better watch out.  Highest per capita execution rate in the world ok!  U better be careful before we make u the 9th person we hang this year.