dear fans & worshippers,

i nearly lost my life last nite.  there was a catruder in the backyard!! the catruder snucked in when my mommy & i were sleeping.  the plastic board covering the front of my cage dropped suddenly & the next thing i knew, i saw this pair of luminous eyes staring straight at me!  i had the fright of my life! “mommy! mommy!” i cried!  the catruder than walked proudly over to the front of my mommy’s cage.  but my mommy was very brave… she sat regally on her throne, puffed her chest out, and glared at the catruder.

i wanted to call my maid & chauffeur down but they were fast asleep.  i knew my mommy & i had to fend for ourselves.  it was scary… the cat put a paw into the cage and tried to scratch me.  i bet he wanted to disfigure me ‘cos he was jealous of my handsome mien.  *sniff*.  but my mommy stopped him. my mommy told him that if he dared lay a single paw on my fur, she’ll rip him to pieces.  my mommy then tried to sock the catruder and that scared him off. in his haste to escape, he knocked over our orange bathtub, some pails, my old wooden playhouse and some other random stuff.

my mommy’s my hero now.  she’s so brave.  everyone kowtow to my mommy now!



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