My 1st Shower

hi once again my fans,

my chauffeur tricked me into a fur wash yesterday.  he first brought my mom into the house… and i thought my mom’s furstyle looked kind of weird when she came out… all spikey & wet… but i didn’t think more about it and hopped into my car when my chauffeur opened the door.

before i knew it, i found myself inside the bathroom with the showerhead raining water down on me at full blast.  i tried to run but i was trapped inside the shower stall! 

there was also this photographer from the paparazzi who kept taking videos of me showering!  yeeks!  a celebrity’s life is so dreadful.  i hate being in the public’s eye all the time.

anyway, it was a truly traumatic experience.  i kept trying to shake the water & soap suds away but my fur was just 1 soapy mess.  bleah!  some of the soapy water splashed onto my tongue too!  it tasted gross!  pui!

if u want to see the video of me in the shower *blushes*, u can find it here.


lotsa love,

a blushing Pinky

Pettiness Knows No Bounds

I had a very cool and aloof response from a “friend” today when i tried to talk to her.  Heard from someone a couple of days ago that she’s mad at me ‘cos i double-checked something with her some days back and she was offended that i thought she would “joke about something so serious”.  But, precisely ‘cos it was something very serious, that’s why i had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t a case of mistakened identity!

Anyway, i’m kind of miffed about it.  ‘Cos if i can contain all the feelings of betrayal i felt when she made a self-centred choice 2 years ago, i don’t see what right she has to be angry about something that she misunderstood about me in the first place.