My 1st Shower

hi once again my fans,

my chauffeur tricked me into a fur wash yesterday.  he first brought my mom into the house… and i thought my mom’s furstyle looked kind of weird when she came out… all spikey & wet… but i didn’t think more about it and hopped into my car when my chauffeur opened the door.

before i knew it, i found myself inside the bathroom with the showerhead raining water down on me at full blast.  i tried to run but i was trapped inside the shower stall! 

there was also this photographer from the paparazzi who kept taking videos of me showering!  yeeks!  a celebrity’s life is so dreadful.  i hate being in the public’s eye all the time.

anyway, it was a truly traumatic experience.  i kept trying to shake the water & soap suds away but my fur was just 1 soapy mess.  bleah!  some of the soapy water splashed onto my tongue too!  it tasted gross!  pui!

if u want to see the video of me in the shower *blushes*, u can find it here.


lotsa love,

a blushing Pinky

5 thoughts on “My 1st Shower”

  1. Glad to see your bunnies are okay from the catruder. Even though a bunny can kick a cats ass anyday. Most have been scary for them. Great bath pictures.. I couldn’t get the vids to load for some reason though.

  2. Probably not. I’m on a backup machine until a computer maker decides I’m worthy to have a new one shipped. I’ll fix my flash player if the new machine ever arrives.

    So.. how is your job going?

  3. Work’s still tough. Quite brain dead at the end of the day… and i’m trying hard not to become overly reliant on coffee!

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