Facing the Music

Are you the sort who will readily admit your mistake even if it’ll cause u a lot of embarrassment?  Or will u try to cover up, cross your fingers, and hope to get away with it?  Or do u try to live on with the mistake because u feel responsible for it?

The other day, while on the MRT, i sat next to this young fellow who was snoring away, deep in sleep.  Just as the train pulled away from Tanah Merah station, he suddenly jolted awake & asked me which station that was.  I told him, “Tanah Merah”, to which he muttered something like “Overshot!” & quickly rushed to get to the door.

The woman sitting opposite us was sniggering away and she made eye contact with me, as if she expected me to join in her laughter.  But i thought that young chap was very brave.  ‘Cos if it were me, if i suspect i missed the station i was supposed to alight at, i would just act nonchalant about it, walk cooly to the door, then get off & take the next train back.

So what sort of person are you?  Do you dare admit to your mistakes?  Or do force yourself to live on with it?