Breaking the Rules

I’m going to break the rules today.  I’m actually going to post a photo of myself on the main page!  Hehe… but i’m not gonna tell u which is me.  Wahahahaha. 

Just found out from an ex-TJCian who’s teaching in TJ now that next year will be TJ’s 30th anniversary… ok… that’s a stupid statement… TJ celebrated its 20th anniversary when i was studying there… so obviously i should know next year is the 30th anniversary.  But i guess it just conveniently slipped my mind that 10 whole years have flashed me by & boy do i feel old!!

Seriously, when i look back at the past 10 years, i have no idea how the heck it went by so fast.  I mean… hey!  Wasn’t it just yesterday that i was trying to get myself out of the principal’s room for flunking my exams?!  Haha.  Sigh… i wonder if i can still wear my TJ uniform… hehe… i think… squeeze a little… still can lah.  Hahaha.  I still wear the PE t-shirts & shorts actually… as er, “home wear”.  Haha.  Oh and i’m also still wearing the watch that i had in TJ.  Heh.

Ok… here’s the pic of all the gals in my JC class.  🙂


Actually, not only do i still wear my old old PE t-shirts, i also wear my Chinese Cultural Club & Astro Club t-shirt.  Haha.