"… The Sweetest Song that I can Sing"

Iwok told me today that his mom is matchmaking him with some girl next week.  Strangely, i’m not really affected by it.  I wondered if i should feel even a tinge of jealousy?  Unfortunately (or fortunately), i don’t.  I’m like… ok… good for u… go meet her.

I think i must have repeated my views on love/marriage like a zillion times the past 2 weeks.  Repeated to my ex, my friends, my sayang, etc.  Sigh… and i guess the crux of everything would be this:

1)  U should marry someone u cannot do without, not someone u can make do with.

2)  U can love someone but not be in love with him.

I was also questioned on what my views on marriage are.  Honestly, at this point of time, i have no freaking idea.  That’s why i’m still single right?  Duh.  Someone suggested that marriage is so that u have someone to be with u, to do this, do that, etc.  But if that’s all marriage is about… er… why not just get a pet dog?  Man’s best friend u know?  Plus… all the things that the person cited as examples… were things that i could do perfectly well on my own… so wherein lies the attraction of marriage then?

For now, all i can say is… i think the person u marry should be able to add a level of fulfilment in your life that u, as a single, will not be able to achieve.  Sounds darn cryptic ya?  Haha… but that’s the best i can verbalise it as. 

Bottomline is… talk is cheap.  I think it’s all about a certain feeling.  I mean… tons of people have told me that “when u meet the right one, u’ll know it’s him”.  So i’m banking on that to just happen some day… or i’ll just have to call on the “marriage bond” by Iceman… hahaha.  Age 45 ya?  Muahahahaha.

There’s this song that keeps playing over & over in my head now… the title of this post is lifted from the song.  Any guesses which song is it?  🙂