Loss for Words

There is the rare occassion when i’m actually lost for words.  Like when someone i’ve known for many years tells me that  had i not been so passive last time, things may have been different.  Different?  I doubt it.  Doesn’t matter i had a crush on him many years back.  He’s married now.  Besides, i really prefer just being friends and being able to chat no-holds-barred.  I choose to believe i heard him wrong.  Perhaps it was the alcohol.

Then there’s Airbus.  Yes, it’s back to square 1 again.  Why are we always at base camp?  Aren’t pilots supposed to check out at some point?  How many times do u need to go through simulated base checks to know that some things aren’t worth pursuing?  How many line checks does one need before reality sets in?

Sigh.  We need some fleet conversion course here.