Caffeine Incense

I noticed a strange phenomenon since starting work. I’m not usually a coffee drinker but there are some mornings when i am so extremely sleepy that i decide that i really need a caffeine perk-me-up. So i go to the pantry, make myself a nice cuppa Nescafe (formula is 2 teasp of nescafe, 3 teasp of sugar, 3 teasp of creamer), and then i leave the cup of coffee on my desk to cool a little. But everytime i leave it to cool, i’ll immediately feel awake! It’s as though just seeing the cup on my desk is sufficient to wake me up. I told ikura about it and he said, “Caffeine incense”… yeah…

Anyway, ikura suggests that i sell this “caffeine incense” idea to bodyshop or something… as part of their aromatherpy perk-me-up scent…fantastic idea eh? But just in case anyone steals my idea… remember… u heard it here first!

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