Legs Went on Strike

My legs have gone on strike.  They’re not listening to my brain anymore.  Wanted to go Thumper tonight but my legs decided that they quit working so i had to roll myself home.  Inner thighs, outer thighs, calves, and right foot.  There’s an insurrection going on man.

Sigh.  Azure bugged me about my first and last attempt at the gym in all the 27 years of my life.  Well, i think 1 night out at salsa beats any gym workout hands down, legs down, body down.  Just counted.  I danced 18.5 dances last night.  1 dance is about 5mins.  Which means i danced for a total of about 92.5min.  The half dance was ‘cos my right calf threatened to cramp and so i had to stop halfway.  And trust me… salsa… is not a slow dance!

I think i’ve maxed out my exercise quota for Q1 2007.  Bleah!  Now please excuse me while i roll myself to the toilet…


This is darn silly… it’s 1:45am now… I just got back from salsa… and i’m sitting at my pc typing this entry ‘cos my foot just cramped and i can’t move.  Haha.  But i’m still feeling damn high… heh… high from salsa… can’t believe it.  Now i understand why some people say that exercise is addictive… ‘cos it gives u a certain high.  No, exercise will never make me feel high… but dancing always has and always will!  Woooohoo!

I danced more tonight than i did the entire 2006.  I had a smashing time.  Really have to thank my dearest JC classmate for asking me to go down today.  I was expecting a chill out kind of night… Tuesdays are beginners’ night after all… and my first few dances were cool.  Danced with my classmate and his friend… they claimed to be beginners but were really intermediate level.  Nice clear leads, interesting patterns, not too intensive.  Loved it!

Then i saw my dance principal at the entrance of the club.  So i went over to wish him Merry Christmas out of respect… and guess what?  I found almost the entire old gang there!  Cl, Je, Ja, Ga, Ke, Su, Je, Li, Ed (sorry, ran out of nicks so i’m using the first 2 letters of their names)… the list goes on man. 

It was quite funny… i’ve been out of the scene for so long that a lot of newcomers thought i was a newbie at first.  Haha.  I was highly amused whenever a guy asked before a dance, “Are u a beginner?”.  Hehe.  Most of the time, i just smiled & didn’t answer the question.  Haha.  Truth is, i first learnt salsa 4 years ago.  Haha.  Which makes me kind of historic… my JC classmate said, “retro”.  *Rolls eyes*.

Realised something else tonight.  My past month of clubbing has been beneficial for my salsa too.  It managed to rid me of being overly technical, and enabled me to just dance to the music and have fun.  So i thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Felt as though i never left!

Okie dokie… cramp’s fading off… time to go shower.  Woohoo!