Legs Went on Strike

My legs have gone on strike.  They’re not listening to my brain anymore.  Wanted to go Thumper tonight but my legs decided that they quit working so i had to roll myself home.  Inner thighs, outer thighs, calves, and right foot.  There’s an insurrection going on man.

Sigh.  Azure bugged me about my first and last attempt at the gym in all the 27 years of my life.  Well, i think 1 night out at salsa beats any gym workout hands down, legs down, body down.  Just counted.  I danced 18.5 dances last night.  1 dance is about 5mins.  Which means i danced for a total of about 92.5min.  The half dance was ‘cos my right calf threatened to cramp and so i had to stop halfway.  And trust me… salsa… is not a slow dance!

I think i’ve maxed out my exercise quota for Q1 2007.  Bleah!  Now please excuse me while i roll myself to the toilet…

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